Fishing nozzle. Bread dumpling

By analogy with the famous dumplings in the domestic carp fishing has found his “sport” application and dumplings, made of the crumb of wheat bread, flavored with natural components.

Their relatively dense structure tolerates long casts and is suitable as a tool in the fight against “the jerking” tackle small fish. Naturally, for the angler and the fishing of such quality is clearly positive.

Applicable nozzle for bottom fishing tackle, including feeder or float rods. In the latter case, the size of the dumplings to do a little less than donkey.

Making lures is performed by kneading the crumb of half a loaf of wheat bread with chicken eggs. Getting the dough consistency, the nozzle is formed like balls, whose diameter should be about 1.5-2cm, and then boiled in salted water until acquiring a yellowish hue.

A good result gives short-term exposure of the finished bait in vegetable oil (hemp or sunflower).

The dumpling – like balls of dough, be sure closing stinger hook attachment. Before casting, to increase the attractiveness of the bait, it is possible to dip the dumpling in the bread or the usual finely crumbled crackers to grains included in the body of the nozzle. Such a “hedgehog” Karp takes a lot more readily than “naked” dumplings.

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