The builders of the Crimean bridge care about the reserves of valuable fish

Environmental programme for the construction of Crimean bridge in the river Kuban the release of juveniles of the Russian sturgeon. The second batch of 500 thousand copies – have grown in the Temryuk sturgeon plant.

The environmental program has worked even in the design phase of an overpass. It consists of compensatory measures and regular environmental monitoring on the construction site and adjacent areas was reported by Fishnews in the press service of Glavrybvod.

The head of the Azov-black sea branch of the institution Murat Tleuzh told about the three stages of the breeding 500 thousand fingerlings of Russian sturgeon per year. Two stages have passed, there remains the issue 2019 – another 500 thousand. It is planned that it will be a young hitch 1,5 year After the release of juveniles in Kuban ‘ fish rolled to the mouth, on the seashore, in shallow areas where forage base allows sturgeons to grow and gain weight.

In Glavrybvod say that without the artificial reproduction of populations of valuable fish is not to save: the number of sturgeons has reduced by poachers. The flora and fauna near the Crimean bridge and observed by representatives of research institutes. Employees of the Russian Institute take samples of water, sediments, soil and air in the Kerch Strait, measure the noise level.
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