About jig cat’s eye, thoughts

I have almost thirty years of fishing experience, and even now. With this. In my opinion, a decent experience, I continue to learn, to understand the subtleties of fishing, and, very importantly, retain a desire to learn new things, because every year the market of new gear, new items, various modifications. Know about which is not just interesting, but much more interesting to catch with such devices.

However. When people ask me what gear is the most efficient and the best, I don’t find the answer, because in each situation, work is one or the other snap. However, there is in my Arsenal of their “Pets”, tackle and accessories which for me almost always. It so happened that some of the gear I get to catch the best. And one of these components is the lure of the “cat’s eye” green matte ball bead on the shank of the hook.

To make it more clear, you will notice that on the jig I fish all year round: in winter common and familiar way with ice, but during summer and in during the open water season, I’m 90% of the time I go out fishing with a summer side nod, which I already repeatedly wrote, and will ever tell. Among the variety of jigs, most working, in my opinion, was precisely the lure of “cat’s eye”, it — column. On the one hand, this jig is nothing remarkable: about a centimeter thin dark tube (it adds weight to the jig), which is often painted black; on the fore-end, usually set the bead (the color may be different). In my case, the greatest number of bites, both in summer and in winter is celebrated on the matte bead is green. Again, I want to make a suggestion, why in my case this lure is so good and so perfectly works. In those waters, where I fish the caddis worm, and fish is a delicacy. Actually, the bar in a greater degree than any other lure emulates the larva. Hence the biting. Roach, perch, skimmer bream, ruffe are permanent “clients” who do not miss the occasion to be seduced by this lure. Sometimes I hooked bloodworms or maggots, and sometimes, when the bait okushko good fishing with no bait. Again, most likely, the similarity of “cat’s eye” with the period and explains the active and stable biting fish on this jig, possibly in other regions or bodies of water where caddis no, the situation will be different. Hence the simple conclusion: picking up the jig, try to choose a shape and color which somewhat resemble aquatic life it is this place. In my opinion, this is one of the main secrets of any successful fishing.

Game this jig is very simple. I read a lot different articles in magazines, and seen various tests. Everything is good, but in my practice I use the most simple ways. For example, lower the jig to the bottom and slowly raise it, slightly shaking, to a height of about 20-50 centimeters from the bottom. Then suddenly drop or jig, or the process of reverse movement make the same smooth. When playing, I use the pause, hang jigs in the water, and, of course, can not do without high-amplitude operation tackle. How to choose the tempo and amplitude — everyone defines in place, as even on the same pond at different times of the day, these parameters may vary. The main thing is to maintain a certain pace and not to focus on any one type of game. As you can see, my practice is not so much varied, but different variations are many, and that is enough for normal fish, if the fish is, if it is the chosen place, the jig. Of course, there are exits when you have to go home empty, probably it happens to every fisherman. It’s interesting to read reports of people who have each output is trophy fishing. Although, it is everyone’s business.

The only negative for me this jig. We have in stores, the cost varies from 40 rubles to 60-70 rubles for one piece. For me it is a little expensive. It is no secret that any bait is a consumable item, I leave about a dozen jigs for sure, if not more. It turns out that the stock needs to be regularly refilled, and the prices are a little bite. On the other hand, with a little practice, you can own to make a similar jig, but instead of beads, by the way, sometimes the sleeve works well (yellow or red).

Over the years I have made some conclusions, and now, just a huge variety of jigs, arriving at the store, I don’t lose with a choice, I know which lures to come. First and foremost, determined by the knowledge of the reservoir, to study its inhabitants, they’ll tell you what jigs you should pay attention. On the other hand, and this is important for a variety of baits should be (this also applies to jigs and fishing lures and in General), because the fish sometimes these riddles throws that once-and not explain, and having some choice, you can always choose the most optimal gear.

So today I was at the bait shop, and my moresecret again formed two jigs “cat’s eye”, and I know that very soon they will obnovleny and the result, if all goes well, predictable.

Good fishing to You.

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