Changes in fishing regulations will not affect fans

From 1 July 2018 will come into force order of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation from 04.06.2018, No. 228. The most important change will be the prohibition of fishing nets in the 6-mile economic zone on the West and East coasts of Sakhalin. According to experts, this does not mean that will be filmed stationary nets. Additional measures taken to ensure that the enterprises are unable to undertake commercial fishing of salmon and other fishing gear.

According to the head of Agency on fishery of the Sakhalin region Andrey Maids, the Agency identified the intention as of July 1 this year to limit the length of fixed nets up to 1.5 kilometers.

As expected, this will allow you to restore the population of salmon and to avoid such disastrous Putin, in 2017.

– This order does not apply to citizens who are engaged in sports and recreational fishing, and indigenous peoples of the North of Sakhalin, – said the Maids.

Another change in the fishing regulations is the introduction of daily norms of extraction of marine bioresources on the person. Now under the legislation it will be possible to catch more of the daily value for the day, and in case of staying in a water body (river, sea, lake) for more than a day – no more than two standards, regardless of the time of stay.
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