How to lure carp: a few tips

Among the many varieties of white fish is next to the carp. And all this is due to several reasons.

  • It’s not uncommon for the size of the carp fishermen of the imagination. There are even 10-15 pound fish.
  • Karp has a huge power and can destroy a very strong tackle.
  • In addition, it is known for its omnivorous, including feeds and of young fish.
  • Also the carp are very tricky fish, and if to scare her off, nothing will compel to return to its original place. The people he got two distinctive nicknames – “water pig” and “water Fox” that characterize the habits of this fish.

Carp bite on any bait, but need the right bait. Equally effective is prikazivanje fishing spots. And do not have to use expensive lure. Perfect crop plants or boiled potatoes. Depending on the distance from the shore to the place of fishing, you can throw the food from your hands or rolling it in the clay balls. Bait fish should last at least one week at the same time. Carp will get used to food in a certain place and will appear there permanently.

But such manipulation can be performed only if the pond is close to home and not have to go to a few kilometers. After a certain time you can start directly on site.

However, before fishing carp need to feed. Typically, a good catch bait needs to be on taste better bait. Well if it will be with large particles, excellent aromatics and inactive mechanics, not to be eaten by small fish.

Professional fishermen are advised to use a store-bought lure, suitable for carp or carp. As a rule, it has specific aroma and smell of fish meal, which is very popular with the carp. What exactly you need for bait fish so that the large particle additives. Perfect for carp cereals. He also loves corn.

Commercial ponds fish lures forage in pellets, so using familiar food as lure, you can cause carp concerns. Using this Supplement will increase the chances of a big catch. As for store-bought supplements, it is better to stop the choice on the pellets or Beulah. Aromatics lure for carp can be varied.

To verify this, you need to visit a special shop. There you can see the bait with a sweet, fruity, meat aroma. All of these smells fish is good.

They say that the carp is one of the most difficult, but at the same time easy to fish. If you prepare, you can count on a great catch. We only need to pay attention to the place, aromatics, any supplements. All of this can play a role in the hunt for big fish.

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