Rigging for fishing over Donna grass

As You already know, in summer I often go to rivers and lakes, with a side nod. Tackle me like this, to a lot of reasons. From main you can call the following: first, this tackle belongs to category fishing tackle, when you want constant work, motion, that is, fishing is dynamic, static is almost there, the picture is constantly changing. Second, fishing on the side of the nod allows you to hunt as for the peace fish and expect to catch predators. I caught a perch, and Chub, Murata often grab the jig, cutting the latter, but the roach, skimmers and bream, crucian and carp and some other species I do not speak as the representatives of the Kingdom of fish respond very well to summer tackle. Actually, the sideways nod I already wrote a lot and repeatedly, talked about some of the features of the game a jig.

This time I want to talk about snap, which makes it quite a good catch in the following conditions:

  • When the bottom is relatively clean and need to raise a cloud of turbidity.
  • When the surface of the bottom is covered with withered leaves, algae and other deposits that cling to the lure, making fishing almost impossible.
  • I won’t bore You with writings and immediately go on to describe the tackle. Of the features — although the tackle is called mormyshkas, but in this snap I don’t use a jig, but I put a hook with a long shank, which is clearly seen in the figure. First tie the hook to the line, and not at the end, but leaving the bottom cut of 20-25 centimeters. The hook is tied so that the forearm is parallel to the bottom surface, and the hook was tightly bound to the forest, sting him and he looked up. Well below the desired distance from the hook, fasten sinker, which is often a normal pellet. It turns out the tackle of this type: pellet, the site is free of fishing line, and at a distance of 10-25 cm from the pellet tied to the hook. On the hook I put the nozzle or bait (here everyone defines that it is better to use). The principle of fishing is this. Controlling with a nod of the situation, the fisherman lowers a rope into the water. As soon as the sinker reaches the bottom, a nod, it will show, and starts fishing like a normal jig. In this case, the weight you can Bang on the bottom, creating turbidity, stir up the algae and other deposits. As well as the hook will always be at some distance from the bottom, and sediment it will not be collected. As they say, tackle something like the Donk in miniature. And this works, so don’t always need the jig, a nod to fishing with such gear. By the way, if on the hook to impose a long worm and to fix the rod (not hold) will produce a likeness of the donkey, but he’s very sensitive. So it is possible for a big Chub to go. In General, the tackle is the place to be.

    Good fishing to You.

    PS by the Way if to master a mobile node, it is possible to move the hook to the fishing line,determining the height of its location above the bottom. There is a feature, sometimes on the line from this manipulation appear samini. In my practice, I tied the hook tightly, in which case, just slightly release the bullet and raise it above or down below.

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