Sakhalin scientists have named the preliminary cause of the mass death of herring in Piltun Bay

Mass mortality of Pacific herring in Piltun Bay on Sakhalin was the result of lack of oxygen, scientists say. SakhNIRO experts are inclined to this version, based on the results of studies obtained on Tuesday, June 26. In the next 10 days, scientists at the Institute will study samples for organochlorine pesticides and only then will be able to give a definitive conclusion.

— Before we get the results of hydrochemical. Now on heavy metals: lead, cadmium, copper, zinc. They have been discovered. Most likely, the death of fish is associated with a lack of oxygen. Between the sea and the waters of Piltun Bay have been violated exchange. In the end, a little oxygen and a lot of fish. But limited done. First, we need to await the results of studies on organochlorine pesticides. If there is nothing bad will come to light, then we can say that the reason was natural Zamora, — told in telephone conversation with the Agency SakhalinMedia head of the research laboratory environment and monitoring of anthropogenic impact SakhNIRO Tatiana Koreneva.

Heavy metals detected in tissues of aquatic organisms, according to scientists, could not exert acute toxic effects and cause mass mortality of Pacific herring.

Tatyana Koreneva also said that if timely sampling for analysis, to obtain more accurate results. In SakhNIRO material came only seven days after reports of Zamora herring. This could not affect the quality: the fish already beginning to decompose and succumb to the influence of microorganisms.

As previously reported, Sakhalin environmentalists sounded the alarm about what could have killed the entire population of Pacific herring. In SakhNIRO reassured that it is not. Moreover, the lost fish was a great forage base, said Koreneva.

We will remind, the accumulation of dead Pacific herring on June 7 found the locals, and then the specialists of the Agency and the staff of the “Ekovahty Sakhalin” on the shores of Piltun Bay. Throughout the second half of the month the news is not haunted nor the regional and Federal mass media, nor scientists, nor by the inhabitants of the region. Some call the incident an anomaly, others commonplace. The causes of the disaster could be different. In the beginning scientists were inclined to two versions: the death could occur as a result of the oil platforms; it is not excluded and natural mortality.
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