5 tips for catching a stunning fish – redfin

Rudd is a very beautiful of predatory fish. Fishing this fish – a complete delight. It is best to catch in the summer. Favorite place Ah dwelling redfin is still water. Fish lives in pure water, it likes to bask under the rays of the sun.

In the evening redfin are found in the upper layers of the water to hunt insects. It efficiently you can catch on maggots.

The line must be degreased (treated with detergent) to prevent drowning. The thickness of the main line should be 0, 12 mm. Pellets need to use smaller sizes and arrange them on a line with equal intervals. Bait with pellets in this case will fall in an arc in a natural way. This solution allows to increase the number of bites. The leash shall be of sturdy monofilament line with a diameter of 0.10 mm. To catch fish use hook from No. 16 to No. 18, to which you want to plant a few maggots. The worms must have buoyancy. For this purpose they are dipped in water that they have absorbed air.

To lure you need a little, throwing in the point of fishing another batch of maggots. It causes severe munchies at redfin.

To catch larger fish, you can use corn. Thus, it is possible to get rid of annoying stuff. Can put on a hook hemp seed and berry elderberry.

Night rudds effectively caught from the bottom. For fishing in the dark it is necessary to properly prepare the site to clear the area from vegetation, sprinkle corn and hemp. You need to catch on the float with Firefly.

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