6 secrets of catching pike on live bait. How to catch a big one

Pike has always been one of the favorite trophies for fishermen. It is a predatory fish common in many freshwater bodies of the world due to its fertility and rapid growth. Fish is very popular among fishermen due to the high activity of its bites throughout the year. Pike is a dietary product. Using a few tips, it is possible not only to effectively catch this predator, but to catch a specimen.

The probability of catching large instance is greatly increased when using large live bait. This is because when your hunting a predator spends a lot of energy. Small production does not make up for spent on capture efforts, and smaller bait fish will attract the attention of jacks-live in the grass.

The predator prefers to hunt more transparent water. In muddy water bite either very much weakened or disappears completely.

The bait needs to be moveable to attract the predator. It is preferable to produce bait for pike in those waters where caught. Each type of bait has its pros and cons. Most often used for bait the following fish species: Rudd, crucian carp, bleak, roach.

When fishing for pike you can use a normal float rod with a large float, so as not to miss a bite. After a momentary attack of the fish should not be hooking, and wait a few seconds as possible off the production line.

When fishing predator you must use the hooks doubles or tees. This will increase the efficiency of cuttings and reduce the chance of gatherings.

When fishing, use a sturdy leash, preferably of nichrome or titanium. The leash should be flexible so as not to interfere with the bait to be moving in the water.

The pike dash is always fun. Every fisherman wants to try his hand in a fight with a powerful, but at the same time coveted trophy.

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