Crayfish and herring under the new rules: Astrakhan fishing will be completely different

Almost ten years it took officials so long to take the obvious solution is to return almost excellent service standards fishing. And here they came again, but with some adjustments.

Now the daily quota
18 APR published the corresponding order of the Russian Ministry of agriculture, which introduced changes to fishing rules for the Volga-Caspian fishery basin. They will come into force on June 3.
In the old rules was the standard catch, but not daily, and “out”, and that, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. How the regulatory authorities will determine how many days spent on the river a fisherman – the big question. If a fisheries inspector in the water something can definitely say how long the fish caught, the employee of traffic police it will be harder to do.

The savages fishing complicated
That’s challenging and fishermen, because they will have to prove that the fish is caught not for a day, but for a few days. For example, at the tourist camp you can take a tour. And what about the savages? How to be the Astrakhan people who go on a fishing trip with an overnight stay, and then for a few nights?
And again. In the old rules there was a paragraph prohibiting the processing of fish on the fishing areas, now it is not. This begs the question: how to estimate the size of the catch from the packers coming to our area in the spring? After all, they are often taken home processed fish, such as dried vobla.
All these questions remain unanswered. And citizens, most likely, need to take care of the documentary evidence that can convince the regulatory authorities or the court of your innocence.

Not all the herring you can catch
The new rules, which defines the rules of the catch, also lifted the ban on the catch of herring-chernopiskii. This is the most numerous and popular fish in the Astrakhan region in may. It can be bought at every market and if you want to catch almost any river. Now on the banks to observe the so-called rezinochku, which you can see from Volgograd to rolls of the Caspian sea.
Chernushenko since June 3 allowed to produce no more than 5 kg per person per day. Other types of herring catch is still prohibited. However, the prohibition does not always stop Chernovolenko. By the way, prorabotav has a quota for fishing of Caspian herring.

Who has the right to check?
Supervise the implementation of the rules of fisheries in the fishery waters is vested in the state authorities of fisheries. Thus, the right to inspect the fisherman has a fish inspector. Such functions are also border guards, the police, the environmental Prosecutor’s office.
In any case the angler should ask the inspectors to produce documents. In turn, fishermen and Amateurs should not forget that the location on the fishing trip without identity cards is a violation of fishing regulations.

What is the threat of “overfishing”
Those who catch more fish than the established norm, can be imputed to part 2 of article 8.37 of the Code of administrative offences (violation of fishing regulations). In this article, for citizens the penalty from 2 thousand to 5 thousand roubles with possible confiscation of boats and fishing gear.
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