Daily norms for fishing covered the whole of Russia

New changes to the rules of fishing for far Eastern basin is administered daily production standards in the implementation of recreational fishing. The limits prescribed for the Primorsky, Kamchatka and Khabarovsk territories, Amur, Magadan and Sakhalin regions, Chukotka, the Jewish Autonomous region.

According to the amendments, in Primorye fishermen per day will be able to catch the 30 bluefish, flounder, Krasnoperov-Agaev and instances Pollock, 60 of navag, 20 Pacific herring (North of Olga Bay), 100 of toothy korosec, 15 Kunj, 25 malmö, 10 pelengasa, 10 mussels and 200 gray’s herbal shrimp. The limits of freshwater bioresources the following: Lenka, grayling, Mongolian krasnoper – 10 pieces; silver carp and horse-Gubar – 20 copies; carp, carp, skygazer, pike, burbot, Amur catfish, horse-Gubar – 5 fish; white Amur bream and trout – 3 individuals.

In the Chukotka Autonomous district in a day, you can catch 100 pieces of char, salmon trout and lake herring forms, 500 of the toothy Asian korosec, 300 pikes, 50 grayling, whitefish-whitefish] and pyzhianov, flatfish, instances, Pollock, sea herring, pentagonal hairy crabs. Norms for ordinary Valya, cod, spiny crab – 20 pieces, Nephrolepis halibut – 10 pieces, the correspondent of Fishnews.

Kamchatka fishermen are allowed to catch per day 30 crabs-strigunov, 50 herrings, 10 grayling, 200 korosec Petropavlovsk-komandorskaya subzone and 3 rainbow trout (residential form).

In the Jewish Autonomous region, Khabarovsk territory and the Amur region in the lawful daily catch fan will include 30 of grayling, 20 carp, 10 whitefish, Krasnoperov, asps and scallops. And 5 carp, pike, Amur catfish, verhoglyadov, bream, snakehead, Lenkov, Kunj (through forms), malmö (through forms) and spiny crabs. The rate of production Asian sharp-toothed smelt – 150 pieces, Smallmouth sea – 300 pieces, grass shrimps – 100 copies, the Siberian taimen – 1 fish.

In the Magadan region anglers has prescribed the following limits: 100 flatfish and korosec, 50 of navag, 30 base, 25 Kunj and grayling, 10 Pacific Nephrolepis pantusov. You can also get a total of 10 crabs (spiny, blue, Kamchatka) and 20 kg all other species of aquatic bioresources.

In the Sakhalin region can be caught per day for 50 flatfish, herring, oysters, cocks, Spital, gray sea urchins, 100 of navag, 200 Asian toothy of korosec, 300 Smallmouth and Smallmouth marine korosec. Limits Goltsov and Krasnoperov-Agaev – 30 fish, grass shrimps – 200 pieces, the prickly hedgehog 10 pieces, seaweed – 50 kg.

The amendments will take effect from 1 July, therefore, daily allowance of Amateur fishing will be installed in all regions of the country. We will remind, earlier the limits imposed for the Baikal, Western, West Siberian, East Siberian, and the Azov-black sea, Northern and Volga-Caspian basins.
According to the materials: fishnews.ru

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