Fishing nozzle. Cranberries

If you appreciate the benefits of berries in fishing, one of the first places you can easily give it the cranberries. First, it stays perfectly on the hook. Secondly, cranberries its color well “gathers” underwater population to tame the land.

What’s more, ice fishing usually involves the advantage of red in the accessories to winter fish takes more readily. However, here too there is a lot of secrets.

Fishing on the cranberries better with a hook than with a jig. Small hook hidden in the body of the berry, itself becomes a kind of jig, so the extra dimensions that could alert the fish is no good.

Require periodic “movement” of the nozzle, since its mobility is the key to a good bite. Signal intermittent “pulling” the line is the lack of bites for 10-15 minutes.

Equally important is the issue of complementary feeding. Of course, if we fish at so unusual bait is sure to arouse the fish’s interest in it. Achieve this not only due to the bright coloring of the nozzle, but allowing me to taste it. To make this berry used in groundbait and pre-crushing her fingers.

Take the fishing better frozen cranberries, giving her the opportunity to thaw directly in water. Stick should be so that the stinger hook is not out of the berries. Can be done through a puncture, and then push the tip back into the nozzle.

The main assistant here – patience. Usually a trifle is rarely pulls this bait, therefore, with proper selection and complementary feeding places, anglers are waiting for the approach of the most worthy trophies.

Caught in cranberries perch, ruffe, Rudd, and sometimes takes other Belle, depending on the reservoir. Winter cranberry is an excellent alternative marque, slices of beets, and also in some way “works” instead of bloodworms.

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