Irkutsk scientists are developing a method of calculation of omul are there in Baikal DNA

From 1 October last year, fishing was banned, as the numbers have dwindled to almost critical levels. To restore it and took this decision. The solution, of course, controversial. So researchers develop new technique which can dramatically change the perception of the biodiversity at lake Baikal, the fish will be considered on its DNA in water.

To do this, in the Limnological Institute SB RAS brought the Baikal water, taking a hundred samples in different areas and at different depths, and using a special equipment receives information about the amount of DNA. Flowing through the filters, separated from the invisible to the eye of chastity is the genotype of the organisms that were in the water.

We have conducted experiments and found that the use of different approaches for DNA isolation allows us to analyze the DNA of different ages, – said the head of the evolutionary genetics group of the laboratory of ichthyology of the Institute Sergey been booked. Now we are working to more clearly separate the young from the old DNA, because we believe it is the old DNA more accurately reflects the number of omul in the lake. By the way, it turned out that the Baikal omul DNA can be stored for over six weeks.

According to scientists, to exercise the method will need at least five years. And when she’s ready, Limnology hope to apply it not only to estimate the quantity of omul and other fish species.
According to the materials:

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