Something about fishing in Norway: a reminder to those who will gather in fishing tour

Most people in Norway seem to be a sort of ice edge with forbidding rocks and cold fjords. What is a surprise people when they get on the West coast of this country: the climate in this part is radically different from the one that draws the imagination. The warm currents of the Atlantic, creating a wonderfully mild weather, relaxing and fishing even in winter. The average temperature in the vicinity of Bergen at this time of year is in the range from -5 °C to +5 °C. the Sea in this region never freezes, so it can be considered surprisingly good place for fishing.

Fishing in Norway you can come all year round. No such thing as “the fishing season” in this country does not exist. With skillful selection of fishing gear at sea, you can catch up to 34 species of fish, and at a very skillful selection and sufficient skill — a trophy weighing 20 kg or more. But such records are not required. Believe me, even raised hundreds of meters five-kilogram cod will be remembered for a very long time then you.

A great place for fishing in Norway are the Lofoten Islands, where the annual festival for the cod fishing, held in March, gathers fishermen from all over the country (and not only). At this time of the year here come the shoals of Arctic cod, which catch when you use bait you can without any restrictions. But Lofoten is known not only as an excellent place for sea fishing. In addition to guaranteed a good catch, it’s amazing and picturesque landscapes, white sandy shores with clear water the color “emerald” and the midnight sun in the summer.

In addition to sea fishing in Norway is also very popular and river, the best place for which is the Tana river, located on the border of Norway and Finland. This river so that year ranked first in the number of salmon caught in Europe. It was here that was the world’s largest salmon that had ever been caught with ordinary fishing tackle and fishing rods. The weight of this giant was an impressive 35 kg. in General it should be noted that fish weighing more than 10 kg in the river Tana — the norm rather than a rarity.

Main nozzle for fishing in Norway are squid and mackerel, and the second is used usually to search for mistakes. The way this search is simple: snap down to the bottom, then podmahivat the line a couple of meters, then make a few strokes, and then again raised to 2-3 meters. This simple image is scanned the entire water column. After the flock was found, at the depth already thrown all the hooks.

What have yet to encounter a fisherman who went to Norway? Of course the problem of finding housing. In this matter there is some thing. The fact that the majority of Norwegian fishing bases are the cottages, designed for larger companies or families. On the ground floor of such databases is a kitchen and the second multiple bedrooms and a shared shower, combined with WC. For a large group or family, this version is quite suitable, however if your company is not too big, and the placement in the style of mini-dorms don’t you think attractive, you should look for other housing options, providing the location the shower and toilet directly in the room.

If you approach the choice of accommodation and places to catch the detail, but still not to be mistaken with the choice of fishing gear in Norwegian waters will not hurt your catch, and the rest will live long in the memory.

And, of course, a large catch!

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