Hands rowing, head think, the MOE reminded the Urals about the safety rules on the waters

Last week in the Sverdlovsk region was very hot. No exception this weekend. A Urals reached on the bodies of water where warmed water. Sanitary doctors and rescuers, recall, is recommended to refrain from swimming. The fact that the Rospotrebnadzor experts have not had time to complete the verification of the quality of water in rivers and lakes.

Those who are willing to get in the water right now, it is worth remembering the safety rules. The ability to swim well doesn’t mean that people insured against all risks. When a swimmer starts to sink, into the lungs enters the water, disturbed gas exchange, is developing lack of oxygen in the blood. Five minutes is enough to the body has begun an irreversible process leading to death.

Before the trip on the water be sure to read this list of useful tips from the rescuers:

— You need to swim only in permitted areas. Even well-known but not equipped for bathing waters dangerous. Need to stay away from spillways, sluices, bridges, dams and other hydraulic structures.

— Do not dive where you do not know the depths. In shallow water you can hit his head on sand, clay and break my neck. Under water can be piles, rails and stones. No less dangerous to jump in head first with rafts and jetties.

— Do not leave children without supervision of adults who can swim and give first aid. Bathing children is best done in an organized, groups of 10 people (not more). Do not allow children to swim alone.

— Water threat and competition: for example, who will last longer, holding his breath. Tell the children that because of the apnea it is possible to lose consciousness and drown. The critical condition occurs suddenly and the man can’t even call for help.

— Air mattresses are needed in order to sunbathe, not to swim in them. Even a weak wind and current enough to mattress with travelers carried to a great distance from the shore. The mattress can easily flip over the wave, after which he will cover the swimmer’s head.

— A great danger pose by the wind. They are formed in areas of strong current rivers, on the bends, behind large rocks and over uneven floor. The rotational movement of the water draws a man to the depths with such force that even an experienced swimmer not able to swim.

— Stay away from the algae. They wrap their legs, arms and torso, hold down movement and can drown you. If you still swam to where a lot of algae, don’t make any sudden movements and jerks, otherwise loop plants even tighter drag.
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