How to successfully catch large roach

At the end of June and beginning of July on the rivers of Tver region, excitedly begins to peck at the big roach. Catching this fish gives the fisherman a lot of unforgettable moments, as this fish if it starts to bite, he’s just fanatical.

So many anglers have been waiting for this moment to and fish to stock up and get unforgettable impressions. But this does not mean that the roach itself without your participation will be hung on the hook of your fishing rod. To fishing it is necessary to prepare thoroughly.


Roach is one of the most cautious fish in rivers and lakes. Catch her without special training practically impossible. Here everything is important: the bait, tackle, and bait, and bait. Therefore, the tackle should be set up very responsibly.

The subtleties of such gear are: a stick must be a minimum length of 6 metres, more is possible, less not. The main fishing line fishing line is allowed with a thickness of 0.14 mm. If you put a thicker line, it will continue to “parasite” that will lead to a quick transaction, and is not desirable.

Set the hook № 2,5, leash a thickness of 0.1 mm. the Float on the select form similar to a needle that can hold a load up to 4 grams, while the load in the form of small olives must be fixed on the fishing line at a distance of 165 mm from the hook. If you put it closer, it drastically reduced the fish to bite. Float ship a load equal to 2 grams.


In the local area bait consists of boiled millet porridge and barley. To fishing was successful, the millet should cook 1 kg, the same amount is cooked and barley.

Each cereal is cooked separately before fishing. When the millet and barley cooked, cover them with a towel and leave until morning. In the morning they removed from the pan to a cake, which is removed in this form in a plastic bag.

On the fishing spot you break off a piece of the pie and throw in the working area, thus, the bait sinks to the bottom, where it gradually falls apart and attracts the fish.


Barley porridge is an excellent bait. There’s only one trick: the attachment of one large bead on the hook is performed as follows: plants a seed on the hook, cut exactly half of the seed. It turns out a certain configuration of the nozzle, to which roach are very willing to bite.


Equip the workplace, proceed to the very process of catching roach. Casting tackle is carried out exactly in the area that you treat. Then every three minutes to take action of tackle so you will increase the number of bites. Caught a few fish, make a small subcortical that the fish is not moved from your place.

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