About blackened tributary of the Volga misleading the inhabitants of the Tver region

Residents Bezhetsky district reported that the Mologa river, which flows into the Volga is black and smells like sewage. Mologa is one of the tributaries of the Volga river, which feeds lake Verestovo.

People post in the group “the Voice of the City” photo with tubs and barrels, which are usually pumped water for watering flower beds. The water is almost black in color and, according to eyewitnesses, a strong smell of sewage.

The smell from the water appeared and earlier, when local businesses were thrown into the river their effluents, but the blackening of water observed for the first time.

In Mologa in the heat, bathe children, water is for irrigation. Residents of Bezhetsk outbreaks of intestinal infections, as the surface water can get into wells. Also there are reports of death of fish.

Information about the pollution transferred to the administration of Bezhetsky district, the MOE and the Department of state supervision in the sphere of environment Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Tver region.
According to the materials: tver.kp.ru

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