How to equip a fishing-rod

How to equip a fishing-rod

There is nothing easier than to convert a conventional float rod. Despite the fact that information about this enough, though, it makes sense to dwell on this again, and step by step tell you how to equip a fishing-rod.

The contents

  • 1 Mount the fishing line to the float rod
  • 2 Snap-in float fishing float
  • 3 Correct ogruzka float
    • 3.1 How ohrozit float on the pond
    • 3.2 How ohrozit float at home
  • 4 the attachment of the leash
    • 4.1 How to connect the leash with fishing line
  • 5 How to properly tie a hook to a fishing line

Mount the fishing line to the float rod

There are two options of float fishing rods:

  • when a rod with rings;
  • and when on the letterhead of the rings are missing.

When the rod with rings, the system assumes the installation of the coil, and the rings are a guiding element for winding or unwinding the fishing line. In this case, after all the ring is threaded the fishing line.

If the rod has no rings on the tip there is a special attachment for the fishing line. It is attached to the tip with glue. At the end of the line fit to the loop, using the “site eight”. The loop is worn on the mount, and then the fishing line is locked with a special device.

Snap-in float fishing float

Rod without rings are provided to accommodate the line segment of length equal to the length of the rod or more of its length by 0.5 m. such a length of fishing line, you can easily throw the bait and pull it out of the water. In this case, the fish or the hook will fall directly into the hand.

How to attach fishing line to the float with a ring at the top.

  • First you need to push the line into the ring in the up direction.
  • On the line is worn sleeve of rubber. Such a sleeve can be purchased in the store. It is possible that he included the float, which is very rare.
  • After that, the keel of the float is inserted into the rubber sleeve. This can be seen in the figure.

How to attach fishing line to the float without a ring.

There are times when it is necessary to strengthen the float, which retaining ring no. In this case, you will have to take two cambrica appropriate diameter and put them on the keel and apex.

When selecting values cambrica need to remember that when changing the immersion depth of the gear, the rubber band worked. To avoid this the rubber band is not broken in the process of fishing, it is better to abandon the narrow bands.

Some anglers attached the floats with stoppers. This method can be considered as an alternative.

Correct ogruzka float

Hollow or filled with a properly float above the water, sticking only the top part of the antenna. This is achieved through the attachment to a fishing line lead pellets. If peeping out of the water much of the body, it indicates that the ogruzka and catch on such tackle is quite difficult since such a float does not have the necessary sensitivity. This approach can be justified in the case of pike using live bait.

As ohrozit float on the pond

If necessary, the ogruzka float can be done while fishing. Under a float is attached to the pellet, after which the tackle is thrown into the water. If the float lies or Peeps its working portion, it is possible to attach another bullet. If the float is completely submerged in water, the pellets can bite off a bit of lead. For this you need to have a tool and not to use teeth.

When so adjusted, the float will have maximum sensitivity. Although ogruzka float is carried out for different fishing conditions. If the surface water has waves, it can be left on the surface of the water, only a small part of the body of the float, which can minimize visual illusion.

As ohrozit float at home

Not to worry on the pond and not spend useful time on the ogruzka, ohrozit float can home. For this purpose, 10 l or 15 l bucket of water is dialed, and the further actions are identical to actions on the water. As a rule, all fishermen prepare and set up gear before fishing. While fishing, only in extreme cases when off the gear, without which fishing is not enough.

In the process of attaching the pellets to make sure that the pieces are well fixed in their places, but the effort must be such as not to damage the line.

The attachment of the leash

The leash is an integral part of any fishing rod. It is necessary for the following:

When going on hook, the leash will break first because its thickness is always less than the thickness of the main line. It is very practical, as most of the gear remains intact. To restore the functionality of the rods, it is only necessary to install a new lead with a hook. Most fishermen go fishing with a ready-made leashes, not to knitting hooks in the fishing process.

Thick lines can alert fish, so thinner leashes provoke the fish to bite, as they are less visible.

Recently, with the advent of fluorocarbon, this problem begins to go by the wayside. The fact that the line the fish does not see water, so you can take the line without reducing the diameter. Importantly, the breaking load of the leash was a little less than the breaking load of the main line. Despite the fact that the more expensive fluorocarbon monofilament line, it is preferable to use, especially because of the season it is not so much. For example, a coil with 10 meters of fluorocarbon is enough.

How to connect the leash with fishing line

First, the connection must be practical and allow, when open, to quickly change the leash. Hard mount is no good. Therefore, we can offer several ways such anchoring. The easiest of these is mount the type of “loop the loop”. To do this, at the end of the leash and the end of the main fishing line formed a loop, using for this node “the eight” or “surgical knot”. This connection is characterized by simplicity and reliability.

It is possible to provide a method with the use of fasteners. It has become fashionable in recent years and allows for even faster set the leash on the tackle. To do this, at the end of the main line, using any host that is attached to the swivel clasp. At the end of the leash it is better to bind crown ring, then the connection process will not be as painful, and the connection is reliable.

How to tie a hook to a fishing line

There are many ways of fastening the hook to the line. They can be found on the Internet, where it is very accessible and fun to learn any of the nodes.

In conclusion, we can say that after completing the process of equipping your fishing rod you can start fishing.

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