What if fishing was caught in a thunderstorm or hurricane

On the upcoming weekend the banks of rivers and lakes are dotted with holiday-makers and fishermen. Moreover, weather forecasters promise in the Altai region hot weather (+26…+31 degrees). But be careful – in most parts of the region again will be heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail. The power of the wind. Tips about how to behave and what to do if while fishing, captured elements, suggest Altai fishermen.

Unplug the phone!

– During a thunderstorm first thing, disconnect the phone, after calling relatives and telling where you are, advises the master of sport fishing, Konstantin Tinin. And certainly not to do selfi on the background of sparkling lightning. Phones and selfie-sticks attract electrical discharges. The photo is clearly not worth living.

Run into the bushes!

If the place where you fish, there are trees and bushes, during a thunderstorm in no event it is impossible to hide under trees, lightning strikes the highest object! The perfect place to sit under some low Bush.

Fishing rod – the way!

– And very importantly – during a thunderstorm, stay away from fishing rods and other gear – the main fisherman of the Altai territory Sergey Kazantsev. – Modern equipment, usually made of carbon fiber, which is a great conductor. There have been cases when lightning was in these rods, and from them in a fraction of seconds there remained only the “pig tail”. And if the rod is in a vertical position – it is the most direct way attracts lightning. So as soon as the sky started to sparkle – rods to one side, do to the other!

If you were in the boat on the water

In General, such it is better to avoid. Smart fishermen at the first sign of a storm leave the pond.

Water draws to itself the discharges. Being on the lake in a boat, you immediately become a target for lightning – a kind of hill on a smooth surface in which it can hit. I saw myself as during a thunderstorm, lightning vertically enter the lake, while the air is a corresponding crash – says Konstantin Tinin.

So if you are in a time of rampant disaster was in the boat, in no case do not touch the water.

– If the boat is dry, then theoretically hit with a category you should not. But this is only theoretically – it is hard to imagine that you will dry in the dry boat, says Tinin. – If you find yourself overboard and hold onto the edge of the boat, you will definitely electrocute.

If during lightning standing in water

If suddenly during a lightning you went into the water feet and felt the tingle, the first indication that he was in the field of action of the lightning discharge. And then – attention!

– Do not try at this moment to run! In any case! Tingling is the first sign of a voltage step – as soon as you lift the foot off the ground, you will be amazed discharge. In this case, the only correct option – shuffling step to go to the beach without taking your stop from the bottom, this will help save a life. In General, the radius of action of an electric discharge of 15 meters, – says Konstantin Tinin.

If lightning strikes in your territory.

Also, with regards to voltage step – if you suddenly found yourself in a clearing, and lightning began to strike at it, you need to curl up and roll on the ground in a safe place. Do not try at this time to take your hands or feet off the ground – you will also be impress with current.

What to save

While fishing in bad weather you need something to cover. If you have a boat, hide under it. Either cover your head, back a backpack, which you have. You can pick up any piece of something to cover them. This can help to save lives.

In hurricanes, even torn off the thin branches of trees can be very dangerous as rushing with great speed. I had a case where the branch thickness of your thumb fell from a height of 5-storey building and broke the windshield on the car, ‘ says Tinin. – So if you will be covered with something, it may save a life.

Also ideal for fishing need to have rubber boots, they keep current.
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