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Among the many rivers of our region, there are, the bottom of which is on long stretches covered with sand and partly rocks. Usually this the nature of the seabed is characterized by sandy-rocky. And I love to fish in such places, as without any risk you can easily catch a spinning from the bottom, without fear that the lure will catch on snags and numerous algae that are in the mid to late summer, very densely lined with not only the surface of the pond, but the bottom is. So, all the zest that these rivers are characterized by the same features of differential depths, and other water bodies, as well as hiding places fish is not much, almost any hole or roughness of the bottom is an interesting point, where the predator will stop for an ambush. I especially like the spit, which is on the opposite Bank down to a depth of 3-5 meters. Very interesting places, because the output of these pits is always possible to meet and perch, and pike, and white fish does not shrink from these areas, especially closer to the fall, concentrating and getting off in flocks to the depths.

A reasonable question arises, how can you smoothly and methodically to sh in such hole on the course given the nature of the bottom? The first thing that comes to mind is a jig, and I use it, but only at the second stage! And the first batch I have is the tackle of a different installation. I set the main forest sliding sinker (fishing box, it is desirable to have several such conical shipped to be able to pick them up by weight, comparable strength and intensity of current), on the fishing line make a loop, in which method the coupling loop fix the swivel. And by the swivel on the leash about a meter, I tied the bait. Often it is ordinary silicone bait (a worm or Twister, vibrohvosta I use rarely) on an offset hook, or double, the sting of which is pressed against the body of the lure, that would be best to eliminate hooks, sometimes still happen.

As I find this gear? First, I always do cast downstream, the over bore down bait on a leash and “wowed” her. It is important that the load was selected in such a way that during much of it would be demolished and not dragged along the bottom while fishing for perch this drawing will only benefit, as shoals of perch are very curious and approach the source of the movement close enough. So, the tackle is at the bottom, and the leash with the bait actively playing it, for fulfilling its role. All that is required of me is to make a cast to the desired point, to hold the line at a moderate tension, and sometimes a little podmahivat tackle adjusting its position. And, second, fishing tackle allows this as long as possible to catch in one area place, for example at the entrance to the hole in the wall in the pit.

As You might imagine, there is no permanent frequent casts. It so happens that I make a throw, and if I like, 5-10 minutes just control the tackle, slightly choosing a fishing line. In this case, silicone plays on perspective plot, enticing the fish, which is “accustomed” to this object. As you can see, it’s simple and most importantly, affordable, as installation is straightforward, and elementary fishing techniques. Again, this snap-in works best in areas with clean bottom, as this allows you to avoid snags, trapping bait in the weeds. But if a little to improve the tackle, using the foam components or to install surface lure, tackle allows you to catch a similar way to the current and more complex plots. Note: as for constantly blows the bait, then the bait will go in the radius, the distance of which is determined by the length of the leash. And this movement is possible in virtually all planes, i.e., how is the jet at any given moment. In other words, the lure becomes a maximum similar to the natural movement of fish, just something that you need.

It is clear that not all the tackle you fish comfortably, but who knows, You may come across this site where you is and fishing.

Good luck and all the best.

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