Fishing nozzle. Milt herring

Famous anglers ocean herring, as it turned out, also quite suitable for the manufacture of fishing catchability nozzle. The fish itself, you can successfully eat, but its ROE should be used on the next fishing.

Naturally, as bait it is best to use fresh milk. However, fresh herring can be purchased by fans of “poslovitsa” is quite rare. So salty milk before using, a little soaking in cold water.

In the future ROE of the herring is cut with a knife into large pieces and planted on a hook, used when fishing for pike, perch, Zander or catfish. In the winter, this type of nozzle suitable for hunting for burbot.

When fishing for predators this soft and gentle earpad better just stick milk in a small-sized tees. So the bait should stick, without the risk of being stolen by the pesky predator or a fish trifle.

If ROE cut into small pieces, they burn quite readily, it would seem, is not the ravenous Rudd and even big carp. On raw milk, in some cases, catch from the bottom of the carp (carp).

Because of this, ocean ROE herring suitable for float and bottom gear, and therefore is not superfluous to try this fishing the nozzle yourself.

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