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From 2018, fishermen going to fish in the waters of the border regime, are obliged to notify the border guards for two hours before leaving. Before the period was 24 hours.

Innovations related to navigation in such waters, based on the orders of the FSB of Russia from August 7, 2017 № 454 “About the statement of Rules of a frontier regime”. The new document came into force from 1 January of the current year and canceled the order dated 15 October 2012, No. 515. This drew the attention of the representative of the Border Department of the FSB of Russia for the Primorye territory Eugene Kremichev at a meeting with owners of databases-for mooring small boats Vladivostok.

He recalled that earlier, the fishermen were obliged to notify the nearest border crossing on 24 hours before release in the Russian part of waters of border rivers, lakes and other water objects, in internal sea waters and the territorial sea of the Russian Federation. Now this term was reduced to two hours, the correspondent of Fishnews.

Is in order, and other innovations concerning not only the fishermen and the shipowners. So, in case of refusal to release or change out time, the owners also have established way to inform the border guards. This same obligation is imposed on shipowners and return to the home. If the ship fails to return at the appointed time, an hour before the time the owner is obliged to inform the border on the same form, stating the reason of non-refoulement.

The norm according to which all citizens are on Board must be in possession of ID existed before, but now in the order there was a clarification: instead of identity, you can present a copy.
According to the materials: fishnews.ru

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