My experience of successful catching carp in the reeds

To write this article made me a video online about fishing for Amur river on the reeds. Now is not enough time for fishing, but in my youth I was a good catch this giant. The way my fishing on the rush and the tackle is slightly different from that described in this video. And I decided to talk about the difference.

Carp people together called a water cow, a huge appetite to an entire vegetable diet. This habit of the Amur and built a way of fishing the reeds. This method was invented a long time ago, since fishermen have noticed how addicted underwater giant paw, hanging over the water surface and the reeds. And he vermicidal top pin. He is the most tender and juicy, but the smell is young corn.

That’s it for the core and catch the Cupid. Usually the fishermen of the upper core of reeds long, from ten to fifteen centimeters. The hook is hiding in the more juicy part, the other part is attached to the leash with a rubber band or as our grandparents did, the loop of the leash around the thick part of the reed. The tackle is similar to carp with deaf snap. Because the core of reeds of positive buoyancy, it floats should the bottom juicy part of the top. Underwater cow will not be able to swim on such a treat.

I also started to catch in this way. But the result was zero. Bite was, but either empty or the fish went. And it came to pass, waiting, waiting, and in the answer silence. Pull the snap, and there are reeds all chewed up and hanging hook. Upon reflection, I realized that Cupid after starting to chew on reeds and either prick and leave, or will intersect the edge of the lip and then come.

All these thoughts helped change the gear the better. The leash I took a short cut, just as when fishing for carp on boilies. With the core of reeds took three short pieces, two long, three inches and put on hair as Boyle. Given the fact that cane is not much and it may not raise the hook, and grass carp, it is important that the bait was raised to have the bottom added for hair a big ball of foam to provide buoyancy. On the main cord additionally, a separate occasion he tied a core cane as bait.

The result was the first cast. Gatherings with this tooling almost never happened. Empty poklevok I don’t remember at all. The thing apparently is that the fish is small pieces of cane on the hair swallow at once, and deeply and reliably pinpoint.

Remodel a little tackle will not be easy. If you try to catch in this way the white Amur, will not part with such a reed snap-in is not when.

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