The secrets of successful summer fishing

In the heat of summer when the sun bakes all day and the water level in the reservoirs drops sharply, to catch a fish is not so simple. And yet the fish population at this time is not reduced, and thus the prey is not going away.

With proper searching and smart strategy, you can successfully fish. Besides the summer to look for Parking places fish much easier than at other times of the year.

Look for the big fish in the shade

The biggest fish, of course, holds in those parts of the river where the water is cooler. Usually this dam and other recessed places. Well, if the site is sheltered from the sun by trees or high grass. Another great place for fishing — stations, where the bottom of the reservoir out the cool underwater keys.

On the wide parts of the river

Because of the heat the fish becomes lethargic, it should look for where there are strong currents. It is best to fish on a still water or calm rivers. First inspect the areas where the river widens. They especially loves bream.

Where more food

Of course, the fish should be sought in those areas of the pond, where he meets more of her favorite food. For example, roach loves dark-green algae. And if you find places where a lot of them, you probably will stumble on the fish. Usually roach and other fish do not depart too far from all places.

Biting after the rain

Of course, the best bite starts after the last rain. Conditions in the pond become more enjoyable. Because the water is saturated with oxygen, then come to life and small organisms, which feed on fish. That is why immediately after a shower she was very active.
Another time suitable for successful fishing, — cloudy days with warm rain or a period on the eve of bad weather.

Catch morning and evening

If the day failed to stir a fish (and that happens often), then it is better to catch the old-fashioned way: in the morning and evening dawn. Fish at this time comes to life and eats very actively.

Please note that morning and evening, the fish often eats in the range of average depths to the surface, but in the afternoon, in the heat, it falls itology and deeper. And indeed, it often applies a simple rule: the deeper, the less bites, but bigger fish, and the depth is less, the more bites, but smaller prey.

Use plant tips

Although in some situations, animals baits are still working, still Jul already need to switch on the plant tips: oats, semolina, peas, barley, wheat, bread and other. But animal baits also should not be forgotten. Sometimes they can be extremely helpful.

Summer is the time for all kinds of vegetable oils (flax, anise) to improve complementary foods and tips. But it is important not to overdo it: add them in small quantities. Enough for one bit. Fish are very sensitive to scents in warm water, and if the smell is strong, and it would be alarming.

Important disguise

Summer water, except during heavy rains and flowering, transparent. This means that the masking in this time is very important. First, the angler should catch the eye of the fish. And secondly, you need to mask out the fishing line, leashes and rod. Have to be greenish, like algae, and the rod is brownish, resembling a branch. The baits should be placed on water without a splash. A move by the Bank smoothly and quietly.

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