Vladivostok was included into a three of cities with the best fish and seafood

Vladivostok joined the three tourist cities with the best fish and seafood in the result of survey of one of the hotel booking sites, apartments and houses for travel tvil.ru.

According to the survey, the city of Vladivostok with mussels and scallops scored 18% of all votes gastronomic tourists Crimea (the mullet and oysters) — 18% of the vote, St. Petersburg (smelt) — 17% of the vote, Astrakhan (roach) — 11% of the votes and Kaliningrad (herring) — 7% of the vote. In the poll fans of gastronomic tourism is also noted Siberia (grayling) and Arkhangelsk (Coruh, cod and salmon).

The ranking is based on a survey of tourists in social networks.
According to the materials: vestiprim.ru

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