New flavors of bait. Dry and liquid flavors

Many fishermen to enhance the action of the bait flavorings used. These additives allow to increase the attractiveness of the bait to the fish. The main task of all flavors is to collect fish even from a very far distance, to call her scent and try to hold on to a fishing spot. Sometimes they caught fish good, sometimes bad.

To catch is always good, it is important to understand what supplements affect on the fish. You should always start fishing with a bait net, to understand how the fish work the bait in its basic form. You can make the bait sweeter. And you can lay a particular physics at the bait.

What are the kinds of flavors
Dry flavors

It is quite concentrated powders, which contain a certain dose of highly aromatic substances. They generally apply in two cases:

  • when you want to change or enhance the aromatics at the expense of the aromatics mixture. The bait mixture is thoroughly mixed with the dry flavor until it is completely distributed and mixed with the basic bait. Then water is added. Reacts with water, aromatic substances begin to be absorbed, the particles of the bait, all bait is starting to smell his scent and the smell of aromatics.
  • the dry mixture is added the finished bait. Need to print a packet of aromatics and small portions add to ready-to-use bait.

Liquid flavors

The essence liquid of the organizers that the fluid entering the other fluid is mixed faster. Going through a process that physicists call diffusion. Exchange and release of aroma is much faster than the powder. Also one of the qualities of liquid flavorings is that they are sweetened. That is, they contain a certain concentration of sugar. By itself, the aromatics in large bottles contains a small. Smells good, but not as concentrated as in small concentrates. Most significant is as a fragrance or flavoring component of the sweetener.
You should pay attention to the fact that the flavors are not much overlap with the basic smell bait. It is unacceptable to merge odors from your feeder and your attachments. To do this, manufacturers have come up with a huge variety of flavors. And experimenting with them, it will be easier to pick a lock to the fish.

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