Simple words about match fishing tackle

Again, I want simple words to talk about one of the most interesting gear, which is now called nothing but “Match Rod”. I admit, when I first heard this name, but it happened around 7-10 years ago, at first I did not understand what people are talking about. I thought, “well. Invented some new tackle, I’m not aware of?”. But in practice it was much simpler and more prosaic. I am sure that many of You, especially the fishermen from the provinces, hundreds of times caught on this float tackle, but called it simply — float rod for long casting, and even easier — on the float. In fact, match fishing rod is a tackle from the category of the float gear, which is used for long-distance accurate casting. That’s the trick, if briefly and in a nutshell. For example, when I got my first spinning reel, I successfully installed it on their five-metre telescopic rod and with the same success performed throws about 20-30 meters. If you ignore some of the inaccuracies, this was a match tackle.

Today the situation has changed, there was a huge selection of rods, tackle and tools, and, if you get in a fishing shop, you can even see something like the spinning rods of different lengths (two, three-meter and longer) rods, which are made of different materials (do not write about it, I think hardly anyone will be particularly hard to delve into this science, and in practice, in most cases, few of us feel the fundamental difference), and the purpose of which — game fishing, ie fishing float for fishing far from shore. The only thing I will mention is my preference, I love to fish the match on rods that are not hollow inside but solid. Though — it’s just a preference. So, rod to match come in different lengths, which determines not only the accuracy, range and ease of execution cast, but the maximum depth that can be set by moving the float on the forest. You know, if the depth exceeds the length of the rod, is already used by deaf fastening of the float, and put a sliding float.

A second important characteristic of the match rods — it’s his system, ie if you simplify how bent the spinning rod when casting and under load. There is fast action, medium and slow. I prefer a fast medium because they are, in my opinion, allow you to perform a normal casting in a confined space (for example, You prevent the branches of the trees, shrubs). On the other hand, slow Stroy is also well shown, especially if the coast is clear and you can perform a good sweeping swing rod. There are a couple of features that match is a choke ring, which are mounted on the longer leg; and the second float which gruzitsja on the lower antenna (such floats are sold, it is possible to change the ogruzka float, but can they make their own). It turns out that for a fisherman there is no need to accurately measure the weight loaded: it is enough to pick up a few pellets that will heat the leash, and basic weight, which is designed for long casting and for the almost complete shipping of the float, is already at the bottom of the antenna of the float. That’s the whole trick of match fishing rod (fishing rod test, depending on which mass you plan tackle well and of the alleged trophies). Nothing complicated, as sometimes they write and say.

And now, the most interesting. Now I have a match rod gave. But until then I fully fished by this method, using a spinning, a length of 2.7 meters and test up to 40 grams. Even the braided line from the reel was not shot, just set the float to match, just load it (a couple of pellets at a distance from each other of 2 cm), and all… the Ring on the long leg to the forest sticking to the body of the rod, but on my standard spinning ring, and strong problems I experienced. Casting distance under 30 meters it is very straightforward, roach bite! So, if you decided to experience all the delights of match fishing, you should not immediately buy a special rod you can fish with what You already have, but the float special purchase preferably, although not necessarily. And throwing in a fishing backpack a couple of these floats in a spinning reel for fishing, in which case, try your luck on the float, performing long-distance casting to interesting sites.

Good luck and all the best.

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