Fishing for carp on the float rod

One of the interesting aspects of fishing is the catching of a carp on the float rod from shore or water pig, as it is called. Carp are smart fish and shy and at the slightest noise could sail from the place of fishing. If done correctly and not to frighten the fish to bite it is worse or better, but should. Again, you first need to define the place where you will catch carp. To do this, look around a pond or lake and choose the location where you will catch. The wind direction plays an important role when fishing for carp.

Firstly you are not supposed to be swimmers, the fish is scary, the second small vegetation (reeds, shrubs) in water will not harm but will only benefit. If you have the opportunity well to find the bottom on a curb or drop of the bottom, as it is called. Carp from the depths always comes out to feed on the shallows, and loves to visit such places. When you are done fishing you need the right lure to the fish, the carp loves it. After all, the water pig can constantly eat and only need to lure it with bait to your bait or nozzle. Fashioned out of bait balls should be crumbly, but at the same time they should not fall apart before reaching the float. To use as bait can be worms, bloodworms, bits of good to use corn, boiled potatoes, Mostyska, bread, dough, carp that loves to eat. Practice shows that in canned corn and the potatoes bite carp are often. Corn better to hang on a hook in 2 pieces, so the fish are greedy swallows the head. On the float rod to catch carp well early in the morning, and even better at night, the night fish are actively feeding and the chances of a strike increase.

Hooks when fishing for carp the bait

Use hooks on Your preferences, for example, I use owner hooks No 8. They are of course more expensive cobra hooks etc, but when you bite ten pound carp can easily sustain the whole pressure of the fish, not breaking or unbend. Used to use cheaper hooks and there were problems with catching carp, hooks was not justified and the fish was off.

Fishing for carp with the net

When playing a fish net you can always use. Carp fish is quite strong and violently resisting with the fisherman, not davayas him until the very end, even on the shore being already caught carp may be the last effort to make a sudden movement of the body, trying to get away in the water.

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