How to catch big bream on the feeder

In the middle zone of Russia in the rivers and lakes hold many different species of fish. Of particular interest to fishermen is fishing for bream. This fish is in adulthood reaches a decent size and can weigh up to 5 kilograms. So catch a copy of dreams of every fisherman.

Of course, having no experience and certain skills to catch this smart and cautious fish, it is almost impossible. Therefore beginners should study the habits of this fish, to go fishing with more experienced fishermen to have an idea how to catch bream on the feeder.

Where and when to catch

Early July is good sometimes to successfully catch bream using the feeder. Bream are very cautious fish, and therefore grow to such impressive sizes, that is, not get at the bait and not “is” in the network. Therefore, the feeder is the right decision to catch bream.

It allows you to throw the gear up to 40 — 50 meters from the shore, which inhabits large bream. Nice to find a small hole on the bottom of the river, which can be bream.


In order not to remain without a catch, you must correctly configure the equipment. Here is a thorough approach to this question: pick up a fishing rod with a length of 3.7 meters, test to 70 grams.

The coil set by the size of the bullet up to 3000 — 4000, it pulls the fishing line with a thickness of 0.2 mm, respectively leashes — 0.17 mm, hooks №12., the feeder is an open type, weighing on average for up to 75 grams, fast up to 100 grams.


Bream has an excellent sense of smell. It can smell a well-prepared bait for 300 yards of it. Therefore, the bait should be prepared carefully to include a broad and battle-tested components.

The bait is best to prepare yourself. It consists of breadcrumbs, sunflower seed cake, peas, flour, as the link. Sometimes the bait works well when added to cereal.

Dampers can be added, but only very gently — you can overdo it and all bait may be not suitable for fishing.


It is very important when fishing to keep perfect silence on the shore, because the bream is not only good Smeller, but still hears well. To talk and you should only whisper.

Next, you should set up your chosen place to put all the necessary accessories, so they are all at hand. Then made a test casting tackle. At this stage, the angler looks, how the tackle is not whether it blows over, and so on. Then proceed to complete the fishing process.

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