Why the carp are biting in the heat, and how to deal with it?

In order not to return with a summer of fishing without a catch, you must consider three main points. This:

• proper selection of the reservoir;
• identifying the best locations;
• selection of the optimal time for fishing.

The ponds, which for some reason carp is chosen as the habitat can be divided into the following groups. The former include closed ponds that are home to just this fish. The shores of the ponds, usually, swamped. A distinctive feature is the shallow depth. Sometimes these bodies of water are United into a whole system in which each pond has a message to the next, with the help of duct. As a rule, during the winter they freeze completely, which eliminates the possibility of the existence of other types of fish. In these ponds, anglers can use a variety of bait. Carp fish are not picky, and will happily be satisfied with what you offer him. Although an absolute guarantee of such universality does not exist – the fish gets used to eating what in a given water in abundance. Sometimes, in addition to bloodworms, it generally did not care.

The second group ponds include ponds, among the inhabitants which, in addition to carp is another, smaller fish. Fishing in these ponds is characterized in that the fisherman cannot be used as bait bloodworms, and feeder (in feeder fishing) will have to choose with the possibility of a more compact placement of her mixes when diving, it should not leave a feed trail, attracting smaller creatures.
The reservoirs of the third group are distinguished by the fact that along with the goldfish in them feels such a seasoned predator, like a pike. Fish detail in these ponds to settle is not at risk, so if you catch a feeder, a feeder when lowered to the bottom needs to leave more trace, which attracts exactly you are interested in the fish. This bait should be full of aromatic ingredients that its smell will attract carp from across the pond. In these ponds, they live in flocks, comprising individuals of a certain size, and adhere to respective areas of permanent residence. Knowledge of the geography of these “trails” ponds, is often the key to successful fishing. It should be remembered that the largest individuals in search of food, they often flooded riverbeds of the streams and rivers, and if you know how to calculate this route, no catch you get back.

There is also a type of enclosed basins, in which, together with carp and carp are present. If you go fishing in a pond, care should be taken on the composition of the bait, given the taste preferences of these fish. Because most likely the will not only catch crucians.

Apply visits to carp on schedule

In the middle of the day carp are usually walks at depths not exceeding one and a half meters. At this time, the reservoir is heated, the water is saturated with oxygen (of course, the presence of aquatic vegetation in this location) and serves as an excellent home to various living creatures that our fish are happy consumes as food. The changing weather often drives carp in the deeper locations of the pond.

When night fishing, their locations do not change very and you can use them around the clock. Carp at this time busy search for food on the bottom of the pond, so with proper selection of depth, success is guaranteed. Besides, at night you will not molest the small fish. In hot weather in shallow-water fish lack of oxygen and, of course, lose his appetite. When the sun goes below the horizon, the water is cooled, saturated with oxygen and awakens carp from the day’s slumber. This is often explained by the phenomenon of successful night fishing.

The choice of location

Normally, a fishing spot is chosen on the following criteria:

• lack of aquatic plants near the shore. Abundant aquatic vegetation creates a fisherman inconvenience when dragging a fish ashore.
• smooth, flat area of the coastal lines for easy placement of rods and tricky or simple fishing gear.

But every fisherman knows from experience what time and where the pond will be a good bite, and selects it, it is in that spirit.

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