Fishing for catfish in July

The catching of this fish in July is pretty difficult, although it seems quite fascinating. The incomparable joy of the fisherman who caught a catfish. There is no limit peak excitement of the catch.

Features catfish in July

The struggle of the fisherman, especially with large catfish, occurs in July. You need to bleed the line at the time of a fight, wait until som depart from the coastline. The challenge was to completely exhaust him. Subsequently, when the catfish will lose power, the fisherman is easier to pull up catfish.
When pure water on the pond, perhaps to see them at great depth. They are visible on a visible trail during its movement. This can produce a loud sounds which reach the ear. Therefore, to locate the soma is not a difficult task. Characterized by good heating of the water, and they are well caught.

Of maturation is removed at a decent distance of a few tens of kilometers on large reservoirs. When moving along the bottom of the sludge remains an imprint on the water in the form of rising bubbles.

Where to find the fish

In days of July to look for prey out in the shallows. Usually they can be found under svaluename trees, snags. Actively behaves in a muddy pond even during the day. Is the most active before a storm closer to the coast line.

Soma is good to hear the echoes, when the bait is falling, and move to this place. Night rises from the depths to hunt. Characteristic bursts of water.

What tackle to catch

Will need a strong snap. To catch from shore you will need a sturdy pole that will withstand the catfish of large sizes. Rods about three meters in length.
Coil powerful, sufficient cores are available in baitrunner. Durable sizes of hooks, especially treble hooks. Fishing line should be braid.

Night fishing on the Donk, which is set in the evening and in the morning checked the snap. Donka is characterized by a strong cord leash, hook size 10. Snap-fastened to the shore.

The involvement of soms method of Kwok using the installer with the penny flat on the end, sounds.

Technique and tactics for catching catfish in July

Fish has care, has excellent hearing and it is therefore necessary to respect the silence. Usually, before the hook catfish prodemonstriruet the nozzle. Therefore, podsekanie produced immediately, but to wait a certain time to fish fully took the bait.

When playing a catfish, remember that catfish are a big fan to confuse the snap under driftwood, in the pit. Do not let soms to perform these actions.

When fishing always wear gloves or mittens, to prepare a boat hook and a hammer.

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