The Astrakhan fishermen will offer an alternative to the “wild” holiday

In the Astrakhan region plan to implement a special project in recreation and aquaculture. It is assumed that the creation of artificial ponds for comfortable fishing fee will help reduce the press on natural stocks of aquatic bioresources.

How to combine traditional Astrakhan vacation – fishing – with care for nature and discussed at the regional tourist Board. Participation the meeting was attended by the Deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo Vasily Sokolov.

Governor Alexander Zhilkin has noticed that in the midst of the fishing season on the Volga Delta becomes smaller fish. To solve the problem is planned with the help of artificial reservoirs and aquaculture. We are talking about recreational fishing – special breeding and cultivation of fish for sport and Amateur fishing. If this idea of “light up” local recreation, the inhabitants of the Volga will get a chance for a breather.

A special project on aquaculture for the tourism industry have developed the Caspian fisheries research Institute. As reported Fishnews in the press service and information administration of the head of the region, the plan provides for the creation of artificial ponds for paid fishing. The advantages of called a guaranteed catch and a comfortable environment for leisure, as well as the opportunity to catch banned for mining under normal conditions, the fish or one that is not found in this area in the wild.

“Some of the catch may become the hallmark of Astrakhan recreation, – said the Director of CaspNIRKh Arsen Mirzoyan. For example, fishing for sturgeon”.

A small camp site can be used for fish farming cages or tanks. So for your own kitchen can be a rare fish species, e.g. sturgeon albino. And Bester, sterlet, paddlefish and other.

That fishing in Astrakhan region must become more civilized, according to Vasily Sokolov. “Still, a large flow of fishermen and tourists- it’s good, and a big problem for the region, – stressed he. – Many tourists are still largely not organized, not everyone knows the rules of fisheries”. The Deputy head of the Agency recalled how he at the age of eight visited Astrakhan, and was amazed at the huge number of fish. “I can’t say that now her quite as much, – said the representative of the Federal Agency. Large reserves we have lost, and the flow of tourists that also contributed.”

The head of the region called the travel Agency and resorts to promote “kindness to the fish.” In particular, it organises widespread dissemination of the special reminder of the fisherman-the fan. It shows the commercial size of fish and even have a ruler to measure trophies.
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