Fishing for walleye in July

The predator is very prized among anglers. It’s a real delicacy. But to catch walleye in July is not as easy as it seems. This is a very strong and tricky fish to catch which is a real stroke of luck.

Features fishing for walleye in July

July is a good time for walleye fishing. This month, the water reservoirs as clean as possible and the predator is well fed. But the hot weather, typical for mid-summer, spoil these circumstances. Therefore, pike goes on the hunt, both day and night, to predict the time of its activity difficult. Remember, as soon as you realize that this predator took the bait do not relax. Copies in weight from kilogram and above with one sharp blow so often break the extreme lap rods that angler, which was not the case.

Where to look for walleye in July

As Sudak in most cases lives on fast flowing rivers, its place of Parking may vary. In the deep rivers of this predator will look for the victim in the pits and in the deeper areas with vegetation, where small species of white fish. The best time for walleye fishing in July is the time of decay heat. That is, after sunset and before dawn the whole pond will be just to shake from hunting perch. Also deep space debris snags are a favorite habitat for walleye

Tackle for fishing walleye in July

If you are serious about such a serious trophy, you should pay special attention to tackle. Catch walleye not only spinning, but also classic float rod with live bait. The float rod is to protect a metal leash, it is desirable to arm a tee. The rod of a spinning must be rigid, able to withstand sharp blows of a predator. Fishing line is thicker than 0.3 cm with a metal leash. It definitely will not be superfluous.

Equipment fishing walleye in July

In the case of live-bait fishing, choose the bottom one or two meters in the daytime and as late in the evening. To put live bait, preferably in the shallows in front of the nice pits or around a large vegetation on the flow. Small creeks are a good place for catching of a predator. When spinning and also look for places with dense vegetation and shoals. They throw the bait downstream to the pit and slowly pull her to him. If you manage to catch a predator, try it out first to wear down, and only then get out of the water. It is desirable to have a fishing net.

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