Fishing on mugs

In the fisheries literature as “venerable” fishermen often suggest to be strong and sharp cutting, especially for pike. I learned the hard way that not all cases this is good advice.

After all, strong sweeps do not make sense: you can either break the leash or pull the hook along with the bait from the mouth of a predator. Of course, a metal leash when fishing for pike can withstand such a strike, but could not withstand the hook. Experience shows that often strong the strike is not necessary.

Catching pike on mugs

Because as soon as the slack of the cord selected, the predator, feeling the tension, makes a powerful leap. If you make a sharp and strong cutting, you can be without a trophy. That’s why when fishing for pike and perch, as a rule, I avoid sweeps, and the biting of a pike prefer having a short and a slight jerk of the cord itself. The only condition carefully sharpened hooks.

However, in some cases, for example, “strong” for ceragenix places, cutting, and, moreover, decisive, necessary, anyway, to do. Otherwise the fish will confuse the snap-in snags.

And again. After pike sometimes grip the club as if Bouncing. Usually this happens when a predator catches sharply towards it on the hook. There much cutting has to happen. She must be decisive, and most importantly immediate. If to the overturned mug cannot be reached quickly, it is most often the case ends with a descent pike.

Some anglers are advised to stick to live bait, podzeplje his back at the base of the upper fin or leash passing through the Gill slit. As a postulate, I have not yet met one avid krasochnom. It surprised me because it introduced the hook almost to the head of the bait. He did it decisively, but so that the hook does not hit deep into the body of fish. The closer the hook to the head of a bait fish, he explained, the deeper will be in the jaws of a pike and the rather cutting, it is not even strong!

It so happens that it happens with the live bait catch. Bring it with you to the pond is prohibited by the rules, and attempts to get the gudgeon, roach or small Ososkov on the place, and often fruitless.

But often come across some bleak and perched. Neglected and that live bait should not be, but in the snap-in mug one has to introduce one small but important addition. Bleak and perched kept mostly in the upper layers of water and being impaled on the hook, they tend to rise. Therefore, at a distance of 5-10 cm from the hook, you should put an extra sinker or the bait will rise up to the main sinkers and even higher. Besides walking on top of the fish, sensing the predator will start to rush and confuse the tackle, then long will have to unravel and change the leash from the hook. Shepherd boy will releave kruzhechnye from these troubles.

Generally live bait is necessary to protect and groom: when active bite and a large number of empty parivartak can and do go without “bullets”. Such treatment of live bait, to no good leads. It is easier and safer to use for transportation circles “stable”, certainly part of the Arsenal of each of kruzhechnye. By the way, in the literature is why some recommend to make it rectangular. I prefer to use cylindrical that is revealed in two halves, divided into compartments. The diameter of this “stable” should be slightly less than the width of cap Cana, it is very convenient.

We should not immediately get rid of the drowning of live bait. Better to put them in a boat in a shaded area. It happens that the supply of bait fish is quickly running out, and the course has to start drowning. Yes Yes! On the wave, the circle moves up and down at the same time podderjivaya live bait, which may be tempted by a predator, especially during Jora. However, this increases the number of empty parivartak, but sometimes fails to make timely cutting. As live bait is usually possible to accurately determine what kind of predator he had to go in the mouth. Perch crumples it and sometimes knocks the scales, Zander leaves the characteristic traces of teeth and the pike — long cuts.

Briefly about playing

With a medium-sized perch, pike, or perch sentimental is not: they are extracted from the water directly into the boat. But large predator it is better to give “whodatis” on the hook, and only then bring it to the surface and make podsachka or baharicom. It often happens that the predator catches under the boat. In this case, to avoid hooking the cord over the bottom or keel of the boat, you should discard a club on the water meter for two or three, to sail in the opposite direction and again to start playing.

When fishing circles angler should always remember about safety, especially in strong winds and steep waves. To dissolve the circles, select them in the end Tony, as well as to draw out fish, becoming to a wave Board, is UNACCEPTABLE! A sharp gust of wind and shock waves can cause the boat to not only scoop up water, but will turn over, and that’s a direct threat to the health and even the life of a fisherman.

At big wave and strong wind (if I do this there is a need) to collect mugs and have draw out fish from the stern. To do this, you rake up close to the mug, holding both sides with hands and bent down, quickly jump to the stern, to kneel on the Bank and carefully bending down to take the circle. To approach the Cup should leeward, to be driven to the boat, not Vice versa. It is also useful in these cases to use baharicom pulling them circle the boat.

Generally in case of bad weather the boat should always be a life preserver or belt. By the way, in a strong wind zone is better to put on the chest and how to fix — this will relieve kruzhechnye from any surprises. When fishing for pike it is useful to have a cook with several vertiujeni with zippers, which will allow you to keep the fish alive until the end of fishing. Quite superfluous) would be binoculars or a telescope, especially when fishing in windy weather. Circles in these conditions, quickly “run”, and if you do not notice the inverted, the predator can drag the circle away from Tony.

There is another method of fishing clubs tackle, setting the mug on the anchor and the catch. But to dwell on this subject makes little sense: the circle turns into an ordinary imitation fish, and the main advantages of tackle opportunity to conduct an active search predatory fish and to sh in significant areas of the reservoir is completely lost.

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