Tackle for catching roach in the summer

Roach is one of the favorite fish among fishers. Periodically feeding actively throwing the bait, this is the way to success and on the hook a whole shoal of roach. The best conditions for catching roach are not deep parts of the river (1.5-2 meters), with no strong currents and a rocky bottom. This fish lives near the shore, between the slope of the shore and bottom, as it is easier to find food in such places, which is nailed over or falls into the water with the coastal strip. On hot summer days, the water near the shore warms up and the roach moved closer to the middle of the river. Here for more, which means the water is saturated with acidic substances.

It is best to catch roach on a light telescopic rod with a length of 7-8 meters. Hooks with bait on the fishing line, you should try to position parallel to the coastline and at equal distance from each other. For such purposes suitable rod 1 meter longer than the distance at which you are going to catch. If the bottom is clean with smooth stones, should not be afraid to damage the tackle for catching roach, you take the line thickness of 0.12 mm or 0.14 mm, the float is 30-40 cm long and with a thickness of 0.12 mm. Some individuals are even thinner fishing line 0.02 mm. Sixteenth the size of the hook for this fishing is standard.

In the area of the reservoir with a weak or strong current, experts recommend thin floats a teardrop shape, the lifting force which is 1.5-2.5 grams. The float is loaded with a whole chain of pellets. When the weak and indecisive fish takes the bait, you need to have the pellets at a distance of 1 meter leash. But if the current is strong and roach takes the bait more strongly, then you should move the weights to each other. In strong currents, mainly used floats teardrop shaped, the lifting force – 3-5 grams and tackle for catching roach immersed sinker in the form of drops and 4-5 pellets. Depending on the behavior of the fish, there is a distribution of weights. It is possible that you need to place it along the length in increments of 50 cm or to move to each other. All parts of the river where the current reservoir collects food for fish, are the best places for fishing. The float is set so that the distance from the bottom to the baits did not exceed 2 cm.

Fertilizing is the next step. Let’s say you have found a suitable place, where there is roach. But the fish will bite only if it is lure. Enough for 3-5 small balls of food rolled by hand, thrown into the water. Passing through the water, the balls should leave a trail of fine particles of feed that will attract the attention of fish. It will look for food on the ground and run into the bait.

If your chosen place fish yet, throw a few times with small portions of nutrient — 15-20 minutes will be the first guests when the current will blow the particles of food and will attract the attention of the jamb. Cold water fish become sluggish, and time bait and expectations will increase. Even if the roach already took the lure and started to bite, you still need to continue to throw food on the principle of “little but often”. So, when the bait starts active bite. Cast your fishing rod so that the float was on 1 meter on the tip of fishing rods, sinkers and bait into the water, tilted on the tight line and settled.

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