The law on fishing-2018: what you need to know before you plant the worm

The state Duma will consider the second reading of the bill on Amateur fishing.

In this regard, in the Internet appeared the message about the new and rather controversial rules of fishing, which will open next year. What is known about the new bill and what are the fishing rules you need to know is already sorted out

The bill on recreational fishing: what is known?

After the first reading in December 2013 the bill has caused a great resonance and from that time was being revised. In the first edition it contained a lot of controversial points: for example, the nominal resolution to catch some fish species, establishment of fishing areas.

The draft law enshrines the right of citizens freely and free fishing on water objects of General use (except those which are provided for the fishing farms). In addition, the bill prohibits an electric fishing rod, restricts the sale of networking, introduces the concept of the daily value of the catch.

Is it true that the new fishing rules will be available from 2019?

In late June, the newspaper “Arguments Nedeli” reported that from 2019 will come into force subsistence regulations free fishing. According to media reports, in the Altai Krai will be possible to catch a total of up to 10 kg of ordinary fish (burbot, roach, carp, crucian carp or pike) and not more than 3 perch.

In the Altai Department of the state control, supervision and protection of aquatic bioresources and their habitats clarified that this rule daily fishing operates today. It entered into force on 11 August 2017 on the orders of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation № 308 dated 28 June 2017, which introduced changes to fishing regulations the West Siberian fishery basin.

Legislation about fishing-2018: quick facts

The legislation regulates not only the weight but also the length of the fish you can catch (e.g. fishing for pike up to 33 inches in length not legitimate);

You can use spinning rods, float rods, feeders, mugs and imitation fish, bottom fishing rods (no more than five units per person at a time). The gear should not be more than 10 hooks;

Fishing prohibited in the reserves at the enterprises for breeding of fish and also on distance less than 500 metres from the bridges, locks, dams and other hydraulic structures;

Prohibited nets, traps (except special traps) trawls, bottom seines, traps, piercing tools for fishing tackle with more than 10 hooks, electrofishing and stun guns, firearms and pneumatic weapons, explosives and toxic substances;

Fishing during spawning is forbidden;

The powers of the inspectors of the Federal Agency for fisheries allow you to check the documents, inspect the vehicle and personal belongings, to confiscate offenders catch and instruments of production, said RIA Novosti.
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