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Again in the Vladimir region catch fishermen-poachers. While conducting raids to detect illegal fishing in the waters of the Vladimir rivers from 20 April to 6 may 2018, the inspectors of Department of the state control, supervision and protection of water biological resources again revealed a number of violations. In four cases there were even signs of criminal offences. Poaching method was caught 3.5 kg pike, 5.8 kilograms of roach, 2.7 kilograms of carp. The “leader” turned out to be bream. His illegally caught 8.5 pounds.

The results of the RAID as a water bailiff against violators under investigation. For illegal fishing to the administrative article, but also criminal with real term of imprisonment. As is known, the use of, for example, the network qualifies as illegal fishing, that article 256 of the criminal code provides for criminal liability up to imprisonment for the term up to 2 years. On the basis of this article, illegal extraction of aquatic biological resources with the use of self-propelled floating means or explosive and chemical substances, electric current or other means of mass destruction is a criminal offence.If until 2007 the application of article had caused major damage in monetary terms, it is now at the head of the law set way of catching fish.

about the message of the Vladimir regional Department of the Federal Agency for fishery, planned inspection of the fish in the Oka river and the Klyazma river; tributaries of the Klyazma river: Serna, the Kirzhach, the Peksha, the Koloksha, the Nerl, the Sudogda, the Uvod, the Lukh, Suvorowi; tributaries of the Oka river: Gus, Unzha, Ushna; lakes: Urbanowska, Vish Glushitsa, Holy, Karinskoe; reservoir Glazov has identified 22 violations of fishing Regulations. It is composed of 19 records concerning the individuals on administrative offense. Also brought three administrative cases in the unidentified persons. onoshenie under investigation.

The offender seized 17 units of illegal fishing gear — 13 of netting, 3 tyke nets and 1 lift. Have been brought to court 11 case on the confiscation of illegal guns to catch fish.
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