Catching carp in July

There is no fisherman who would not want to be in the list of the captured booty of a carp. And many weight is absolutely unimportant, the main thing that caught. The reason for this excitement is that this fish is hard to find, but if it does bite, that soon you will spend in a fierce struggle. The average weight of carp caught is more than a kilogram. And this is considering the fact that smaller specimens are always a lot.

Features fishing for carp in July

For catching carp you should always be armed. If you find the areola habitat, be ready for war. So fighting carp. He will do his best to break free. He will break your rod will break the line, will damage the coil for two reasons. You were not ready for such weight, so the animal desire to survive was greater than the desire to catch carp. In the middle of summer the fish go to very deep places, where it feeds on. But at night he comes to sweep plankton out of the bushes and aquatic vegetation.

Where to look for carp in July

In July, during high temperatures, the carp lives in large pits. He especially loves the scene of the collapse of the trees that are away from the shore. Night flocks of carps out of the pits when the temperature drops. Also in case of rainy cloudy weather small instances go for a walk and feeding. As the predator is not particularly attacking the carp, he can live near the places day slumber kgs.

Tackle for carp fishing in July

For catching carp in July should pay more attention to snap. If you prefer float fishing, then professionals suggest to take a six-meter fiberglass pole. It is very sturdy and rigid. The only drawback it is a decent weight, and not everyone will be able to stand for long waiting for the fish to bite. So you can also take the rod from composites, but they must be careful. Fishing line needs to be transparent and have a thickness of 0.3 cm be sure to take several sets of hooks because often be caught a snag.

Classic weapon for catching carp is a heavy feeder with a trough. Bait use large size to prevent the attacks of smaller fish.

Technique fishing carp in July

Be sure to lure the pit, where it’ll catch, use flavors. Throw the bait gently, not forgetting the snags. Better to have several spinning rods for the research of the seabed and the reservoir as a whole. Also, use bait which is at bait.

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