In the reservoirs of the Tyumen region has produced more than 100 million pieces of fish larvae

Fishing enterprises of the Tyumen region had a stocking of reservoirs used for implementation of commercial fisheries, reported IA “Svetich” with reference to regional selhozzapchastey.

Used for stocking of fish seed grown in hatcheries and hatching plants in the region, and also the reproduction companies in other regions.

In all there were over 133 million pieces of larvae of whitefish species of fish. This is almost twice more than in the previous year (in 2017 issued 75 million larvae). Most of the lake area filled up with Peled 95 million. It was also released hybrids Peled, broad whitefish (Shakur) and ripus.

The main stocking went on the lakes Armizonskoe, Berdyuzhskogo, Kazan, Uvat’skoye and Yalutorovsk areas. This amount of work allows us to hope for high rates of production of “live silver” this year.
According to the materials:

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