Principal spinners

At the present day in stores for fishermen you can find a huge number of lures of various shapes and configurations. Any angler can choose something to their liking, although the choice is very difficult, because the range is extremely wide. This article is devoted to the basic types of lures, as well as where and how they can be used and what is the difference between all the options.

There are three main classifications of spinners:

1) specification of fish that can be caught on this lure. So, the avid angler has a separate spoon to search for pike and bream. In stores you can find spinners for all major fish species, common in Russia.

2) the season when fishing occurs, i.e. there are baits for summer fishing and winter.

3) On the principle of action, or so-called “game” spinners. Often isolated among all the spinners two of a kind, which rotate and oscillate. It is the most common spinners.

Spoon lures fishermen are often called “spoons”. They are usually made of thin flat piece of metal, and their shape approximates the shape of the fish. This spinner is attached with a swivel to a fishing line, and the end is attached with a ring-tee. This form allows you to create oscillating movement.

Now in stores represented a very wide range of lures, but still catch fish on the swing lure is not very easy. For good fishing we need to constantly try spinners of different colors, forms, and techniques of fishing.

Modified and upgraded version of the vibrating lures fishermen call “urasaki”, due to the rotation of the spinner.
The basic design is very simple, an ordinary petal made of metal is attached to the rod with the load to plummet. This construction allows the lobe to rotate around the axis.

Good to use these lures to catch predatory fish like pike, perch etc. They can be used when fishing peaceful fish. When the spinner rotates, it creates “acoustic noise” around him, which plays the role of bait for predators.
The size of the petal and its configuration determines the power of the noise generated by the spinner.

Lures for winter fishing is usually made in a narrow form. Very often they have the offset center of gravity due to the metal solder. The most commonly used lead or tin. It is necessary that the bait can sink to the bottom. The solder allows the lure to deviate from the vertical, which is very reactive and predatory fish.

Any spoon is good for a particular quarry type of fishing. The main thing is to choose the one that will benefit in these fishing conditions.

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