7 catchability wobblers for pike – without a catch.

In order to save your time in search of worthwhile information, we have prepared for you a rating catchability wobblers for pike, proven for several years.

I assure you that if you buy a few lures from 7 described below, without a catch will never be!

7 the catchability wobblers for pike

The success of fishing for pike is the plausibility of the movements of the lure, i.e., the closer the movement of the crank to the behavior of real fish, the more chances of catching pike. If to choose the right bait, and then another, and it is correct to spend, success is guaranteed.

But, each lure is individual and has its own game. So pike does not respond to all models of lures, only some.

After analyzing fishing reports, we were able to put together a TOP 7 catchability wobblers for hunting pike. According to many anglers, this list of lures can help both novices and professionals almost always, even in bellevie.

1. Wobbler Deps Balisong Minnow 100 SP

Active Wobbler has a great private game and rightfully considered by many fishermen to be one of the best lures for pike. Its length is 10 cm. The bait is able to move deep by 3.5 meters long and wide blade. Popular among fans of fishing on large waters with an average depth of 2-2.5 meters. Working with different types of transactions – like uniform and techinhawaii. Built-in steel balls creates an additional acoustic effect and attract the attention of a predator.

2. Wobbler Megabass Vision Oneten 110

Perfect bait for catching active predators. Balanced, light and elegant. Shows good results at even leading, but its main purpose is twitching. For this reason, is very popular among fans of catching of a large pike and walleye.

3. Wobbler Zip Baits Orbit 110 SP

A great addition to the aforesaid crank, so that also gets into our top ten best crankbaits. Excellent teachingby model shows the best results when fishing on open water with a depth of 1-1.5 meters. Due to the metal balls inside allows you to make long and accurate casts, as well as allures the fish with their noise.

4. Wobbler Megabass Lates 120

Large, toolstoday Wobbler with a small shovel, with its own aggressive game. Due to the fact that it is floating, the fisherman gets a huge opportunity for all sorts of experiments. Shows good results as for uniform transaction and twiching and fishing with pauses, when she slowly shivering, POPs up to the surface. And thanks to the possibility to put various experiments and tests it falls into our list of the catchability wobblers, you need to remember that the gear is only a tool of fishing she fish catches, but in this case gives a lot of opportunities.

5. Wobbler Ima Flit 120

Another great lure for catching pike. Length is 120 mm, which allows to cut off bite trivia and solely to catch trophy fish. The body of the lure is divided into several compartments filled with metal balls. During the work, they create additional sound effects, popular predator. Working depth range is 1.5-2 meters, if necessary, it is possible to “drive” and 2.5 meters during twiching.

6. Wobbler Jackall Tiny Magallon

Great crankbait, which has a neutral buoyancy. The depth is 1 meter. Works great, and is even leading, but its main purpose is twitching. Jerk harness it allows you to unlock its full potential.

7. Wobbler Pontoon 21 Crackjack 58

According to experienced anglers, one of the best lures for catching trophy pike. Depth of 2.5 meters. The best results shows in dash wiring (stop & go) and when twiching.

Important: Wobbler, bait is not universal and each model is designed for fishing in certain conditions. A distinctive feature of one of the spinning lure on the other – the constant control over its work from the angler.


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