Fishing for Chub in July

Chub is the representative of the carp, which can reach a length of seventy centimeters and weighing up to seven kilograms. Summer catch this fish is best, but you need to be prepared not only in terms of equipment, but also arm yourself with information.

Features fishing for Chub in July

In the middle of summer Chub behaves actively enough to go hunting for him. On a Sunny day it will not be active, but just the night to go to the surface to catch insects. However, it can tolerate the temperature. For successful fishing for Chub is better to go out on a cloudy or rainy day. Then, and not insects, and your noise will be hidden by the rain. Then he will respond well to your bait.

Where to look for Chub in July

July sometimes Chub will dwell near the feeding place. Such places are grass vegetation in the river banks. There Chub eats not only plant, but also on small plankton that lives there. Also, this species prefers places where there is a reverse current, deep pools, backwaters. The main requirement Chub to all these only one. The bottom must be rocky or sandy. The best time for fishing for Chub is the time low temperature. Early morning half an hour before sunrise and a few hours – perfect time for hunting.

Tackle for catching Chub in July

As hunting Chub in upper layers of the water, the classic tackle for catching him is spinning. Given the fact that this species of fish is not really very large, is to take a transparent fishing line of small diameter or plaiting. Also, take a wide range of lures that work in the upper layers of water. Pay attention to the rod, because the impact of the Chub is very strong and can bring your gear down. You can also try your luck with a float rod, but it is less efficient than the classic spinning.

The technique of fishing for Chub in July

Throw the bait along the vegetation, slowly stretching her. Look for shoals and rapids. Also if you know the technique of fly fishing, the Chub will not leave you alone. The main thing is to find a place comfortable for such trips. If possible, you catch Chub on a narrow, deep rivers. In the absence of a bite don’t hesitate to change baits and the estimated habitat for the Chub. Follow the activity of the predator in the pond, it’s also may be needed to get the trophy.

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