More than 9 million pieces of young fish released into the Caspian sea

In the Caspian sea was released on 9 million 387 thousand specimens of Kutum, told the news Agency in the press service of the Agency ZCTU.

According to the source, the release was held a Reproductive complex of sturgeon breeding branch of the fgbi “Glavrybvod”. The entire organization before the end of the year should produce more than 10 million copies of small fish, including Kutum, carp, roach, semai, pike, and other valuable fish.

In the course of the activities of the Management staff found and saved nearly 3 million specimens of fish, which naturally slipped into the water.

“In the absence of recharge from the source of water reservoirs began to dry out and dry. Lack of water could cause anoxia, resulting in fish could die. With the help of special equipment Management staff collected juveniles and released into the Caspian sea”, – said the Agency.
According to the materials:

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