Successful fishing for catfish – the main secrets

How to catch catfish and where to find it? The answers to these questions are constantly searching for many anglers, who had one day to catch these fish. To more or less understand them the best advice has been assembled for public access and aid in the fishing of this majestic fish.

The Council first

Som never attack his victims from shelters or ambushes, but rather purposefully embarks on a quest to discover and relentlessly pursue them to the bitter end. During the night-hunting catfish prefer to hunt almost all types of lures from worms and live bait to lures, poppers and lures, almost everywhere.

In addition to favorite catfish holes and whirlpools, they can hunt over a vast territory of water bodies, in places such as steep shoals, shore, rugged cliffs, floating pontoons, and sandy beaches. But even if you manage to find catfish, you can’t confidently say that its location is now known for certain, as this fish is very cautious and cunning.

The second Council

Guaranteed to catch catfish, this should be done in night time. When anglers know the whereabouts of asylum and soma, this place definitely can take from 4 to 12 instances during the entire night. And the catfish bite usually starts from 12 midnight until dawn. And from time to time, the intensity of these bites may from time to time fall, and have to wait for their renewal. However, most anglers catch is enough and one rather large individual, happy to go home with his trophy.

Tip three

Many fishermen are claiming the exact locations of the shelters soms, according to their acquaintances, friends and relatives, in fact they’re mistaken. Undoubtedly, how to look for and where it is important to do these anglers know it is, but in practice make it not just. Therefore, the exact places where there are samoviy the pit, they will not open ever.

This fact does not mean that the other anglers will not be able to find and to determine the presence of soma, the main thing you need to do is to notice the spikes of this fish. And after the discovery of such areas, without delay, to follow them and start making casts of the lure. Also experienced fishermen advise to experiment when choosing a bait, because once catfish can be caught on a bunch of worms or maggots, and another time on something exotic, like fried sparrows or fresh frogs. And if you have a Fishfinder you need to methodically examine all of the adjoining fishery areas.

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