The secrets of catching grayling in July

For Grayling, any fisherman, ready to sit in the heat and cold, to endure the mosquitoes, and most importantly to sit for hours with a fishing rod in his hands, to his hook caught fish.
Grayling is almost similar to the herring, but differs from it bright silvery scales. So it is easy to notice among other fish.

Features of hunting for Grayling

This fish is very cautious and timid. The ability to notice everything that happens on the outside, distinguishes it from other fish. In July, the water gradually becomes clearer and Grayling is seen as a thrown rod, besides this month, he is not very hungry for food, so hunting for it in July, normal spinning reel will not bring anything good. Starting in July, to fish for Grayling will be different.

Tackle for catching grayling

Recommended equipment:

  • A light rod with a length of over 6 m.
  • Line stay afloat float or a kind of gray color. Sinker is not recommended to use.

In mid-summer bait of maggots and worm are ineffective, than of flies, grasshoppers, you need to pre-tear off the legs. Another suitable Angara fly. Redwood front sight is red and green and is a hook with a shank on which is wound woolen thread.


Basically, this fish lives in the North of the Urals, Siberia in the clean and rapid waters. But sometimes you can find in the middle lanes. In the muddy, stagnant water it is almost impossible to find. Differs from others in that it feeds on surface insects, he can also jump out of the water 20 cm

Fishing technique

The only way to catch Grayling is the only overlap, i.e. only on insects and artificial flies. The principle is simple first tosses the bait after the line move in the direction of flow. With this method you can use when bezinertsionnaja coil with a slight swing. Grayling instantly grabs the bait and goes to a depth of, for fisherman it seems short shock. It is important that the rod was flexible, as in the case of undercuts, it is possible to tear the lip of the fish.

Most fishermen are fishing in shallow areas of the river, farther from shore. This method of fishing is completely justified, but it must move carefully in the water, so as not to raise the haze, otherwise it will only scare the Grayling.

Grayling fishing is not easy, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a fish, you have the right to consider himself a real fisherman. So don’t be afraid, take action and then realize that all the efforts were not in vain.

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