8 best lures for walleye – the catch is guaranteed!

Fishing for walleye is a fairly difficult type of fishing on a spinning. When fishing for pike is of great importance the choice of baits and fishing techniques. Certainly one of the most productive ways to catch walleye is the jig-spinning.

Select the best bait that our experts recommend for catching walleye. Is 8 best lures for walleye, which we are 100% sure.

The best soft lures for walleye

Experience has shown that silicone baits – twisters and vibrohvost, walleye are biting very well. Most of the twisters and vibrohvost expressive play, some of them have an additional advantage in relation to other baits — distinct smell. Walleye like the smell of shrimp and squid. For walleye fishing it is not necessary to purchase large silicone bait, the optimal size is 50-150 mm in length.

1. Twister Crazy Fisn Angy Spin 2

Twister nice catch perch and other predatory fish. When you maintain the bait in the water the tail of the active ranges. Twister is treated with two types of flavors – calamari and shrimp. Does not lose the odors and after prolonged use. Twister works best with a slow run of the lure.

2. Vibrohvosta Bass Assassin Turbo Shads 4

Classic vibrohvost for catching perch. The body of the lure has an unusual shape – the head part starts with a larger volume, and then closer to the tail tapers sharply. Is syedabbas.

3. Vibrohvost Bugsy Shad 72

Vibrohvost like a caterpillar with an elongated, flattened body having a plurality of legs along the entire length of the body. Smells of mackerel, or mackerel. Plays great for any type of transaction. Is used with different types of tooling, for example, with a jig head, with offset hook. Is perfectly assembled with the Texas snap, in this embodiment, equipment vibrohvost wagging body and tail, successfully portraying a live fish. Trophy pike are often interested in the bait.

The best spinners for walleye

Among the abundance of modern baits for fishing, fishing spinning pike perch, popular decades old proven lures – spinners.

1. The Spinner Flash Line

Good catches of walleye. Form of the lure imitates a fish. The spinner is like a little fish not only in appearance but also the performance. Due to the fact that the spoon is narrow, it is when casting flies away even with a headwind. Plays perfectly on any style transactions: the uniform management, with the jig method of fishing. For walleye fishing used heavy model of this spinner. Lighter bleszinki series Flash Line are useful for catching other fish: succ-live in the grass, Ososkov, Chub and other predators. Due to their excellent characteristics, the spinner takes up top positions in many rankings about Zander bait.

2. Baubles Spinnex Atom

Blesna well played and good catches of walleye and other predators. Best catches at even leading, with rare and short breaks.

3. Spoon Kastmaster

Great catches of walleye and other predators. Looks like a treated top and bottom, a metal rod, cut from two sides at a large angle. Baubles weighty, so good for long, even long-distance casting. The spinner works well for uniform maintenance in water, good results and shows when step transaction. To understand the operation of this spinner, it is necessary to use more than one fishing.

Best lures for walleye

Every year an increasing number of anglers involved in fishing for pike, has adopted this bait as a lure. The lure is gaining popularity is well deserved – it so happens that only Wobbler brings success, and spinners and silicone lures relax.

1. Wobbler Salmo Hornet

Wobbler often helps out at bestlive. Bait good for fishing from shore and trolling from a boat. Models are available and the sinking type and floating. Works well with a uniform conducting the bait, sometimes gives a result, and intermittent wiring: jerk-stop. There are a couple of drawbacks: the relatively high percentage of drop outs, and when a big fish bites occasionally unbend clockwork rings. Both lack disposable, you need to change the ring and tees for the better.

2. Wobbler Yo-Zuri L-Minnow-44

Wobbler has a long casting (the inside of hollow bait placed balls, which, at the time of the throw to roll in the tail, thereby changing the center of gravity). Playing on streams, and in stagnant water, if there is Zander, he is unable to resist the temptation and catches on this lure. The weight of the bait is 5 grams, sinking, deepens to a depth of 1.5 meters. Particular praise for the decoy owners ultralajtovogo spinning.


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