Fishing the lakes in July

IDE is a good trophy in the portfolio of any angler. To catch it a little harder than pike, perch or catfish. It requires special skills, equipment and attention. But the fight with this fish is a very great pleasure, paying back all funds that were paid to his capture.

Especially fishing the lakes in July

The main feature of fishing the lakes in mid-summer are bad results for fishing bait fish. If the spring or in the fall, he shows great bite in the tackle, in the hot season almost completely reject it and bite only in cloudy weather. Also do not forget that this is a very cautious fish, and in this regard will have to adapt to lull his vigilance. This will help you wear dark colors and extremely quiet behaviour.

Where to find the IDE in July

Hot weather forces the predator to find the deep spot in the shade of vegetation, of trees, of various rafts and bridges. An obligatory condition of the IDE is the abundant presence of food, otherwise it changes their disposition. The depth at which he feels comfortable varies from two to four meters. Also do not forget that the activity he may be in the middle of the day only imaginary. He will chase the fry around the reservoir with plenty of water kicking and noise, but to no effect. A real bite from the IDE starts before dawn, but in good light and it continues until eight in the morning, when the temperature begins to rise. During the day you can catch a little IDE to a kilogram.

Tackle for fishing the lakes in July

An excellent tackle to fish for bullhead in the middle of summer is spinning. Even for rivers where loves to be IDE, fast enough, with the right approach you can achieve excellent catch. The rod should be strong, of medium hardness with a length of about two and a half meters for long distance casts. Fishing line is strong, 7-9 pounds, transparent, with a diameter of not more than 0.3 cm, Baubles, wobblers, gum. Take it all. It is better to take extra than to forget something. Also, take a spare line, the possibility of breakages is very high.

The technique of fishing the lakes in July

Go deep sea bright bait on the pit down and pull to his small jerks. This will allow the IDE is sure to attack, and the angler not to cling to the bottom of the driftwood and vegetation. When you feel a strong blow, like a hammer on hand, it will signal about the proximity of the target. Better to wear down this strong fish, than to find out the strength of the gear.

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