Heat + 30 and above: emergency warning MOE

According to the West Siberian hydrometeorological centre, from 9 to 16 July in Novosibirsk and districts of the region is expected to abnormally hot weather with temperatures 30 degrees and above. Animals in the zoo began to pour water.

“In the heat avoid strenuous exercise, direct sunlight, often try to stay in the shade and drink plenty of still water, — advises the head of the press service of EMERCOM in the region Paul Vinakov.

— Emergency officials are strongly advised to be extremely careful on the waters, to give up alcohol, do not bathe in unfamiliar places and on our beaches, you need to constantly monitor the children. Do not leave children unattended and do not allow pranks on the water.”

According to preliminary forecasts, the heat wave will be in Novosibirsk before the end of the week. As the head of information-analytical Department of the Novosibirsk zoo Evgeniya Pirozhkova, at the zoo all the animals are acclimatised. So the heat transfer is relatively quiet.

“The only thing we can help animals is sprayed cages with water to reduce dust. In addition, the move feeding on later in the day. Usually animals are fed from 15.00 to 17.00, and in the heat at this time to eat too much. Therefore, the mode is shifted two hours forward, from 17 to 19 — says Evgenia Pirozhkova. — When established normal temperature, we’ll be back to the usual routine”.
According to the materials: vn.ru

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