Hell. Why don farmers breed exotic animals

Krasnolesnyy what feeds cancer what is the difference don shrimp from the Chinese, why is the rabbit farm is sterile as the pharmacy, and why Rostov farmers breed exotic animals, found out the correspondent of “AIF-on-don”.

Livestock in the Rostov region is now a priority, but as it turned out, some don farmers see the future in the alternative to the existing dairy and beef cattle stations. They started breeding Australian crayfish and French rabbits

Fastidious taste

The way of life of Australian krasnolesie cancer and prawns starts here – in the shop of closed recirculation systems, or abbreviated as RAS. At the moment it contains breeding stock and fry crabs and shrimp. Slightly grown-up young farmers were sent to grow-out ponds in the Krasnodar region to those for the season scored the commodity weight.

Shop for wards caring senior shift production Yuliya Chernova and engineer novel Lyamin. They say that breed overseas delicacies it is interesting and exciting.

“Witnessing the birth of life, it grows, and not one or two instance, and the account goes on hundreds of thousands. In parallel, we are breaking down stereotypes. It is believed that cancer is a scavenger, dirty animals.

In fact, not so. He’s a finicky eater, it eats only fresh food, mostly vegetable. Carrion would have in the extreme case, to die. We are faced with the fact that no ready-made production of animal feed. Arthropods don’t want to eat sturgeon, carp feed, they love natural food. Many friends are jealous of cancers, and joking: “Take us to the farm so we ate as well as your players,” laughs Roman.

Australian or don?

Rostov farmers began to breed tropical aquatics as an experiment in 2011. First tried to grow them in small aquariums, then buying the first pools started to increase the number of Australian crayfish.

In 2013 there was the first landing in grow-out ponds in the Rostov region. Then were invested additional funds, and thus the micro-project turned into a whole enterprise. In 2016, was the first ton of commercial products. This season it is planned to produce up to seven tons of the delicacy.

“While the buyers of our goods in the shops will not see the volume is still small. Seven tons of crawfish and shrimp, for example, the Railway district of Rostov-on-one time to drink beer. And that’s probably not enough. All products will be distributed throughout a narrow range, in the resort area, restaurants. But in subsequent years we will expand to increase the volume, and, therefore, Rostovites will be able to buy our crabs and shrimp in the shops of the city,” says the technologist.

The business of delicious food more profitable than fish farming, due to the fact that the selling price of crayfish can reach two thousand roubles for kg.

Moreover, the Australian cancer here increases to 120-140 grams in a single season is eight times faster than the don cancers. By the way, they meat twice. In restaurants of this cancer is cooked like a lobster, since they are similar in taste.

In restaurants of this cancer is cooked like a lobster, since they are similar in taste. Photo: From the personal archive of Roman Lyamina

Shrimp reaches for a season of 30-40 grams. Moreover, the quality of the don of shrimp is very different from the Chinese that filled our shelves.

In China intensified the process of cultivation, that is, use of feed is low quality, add chemicals, growth stimulants. Therefore, in Rostov merchandise is much better.

The complexity of breeding

According to farmers, in this area the market is almost empty. Despite vysokachestvennoe business, he has a number of difficulties: the return of the farm is 3-4 years, and there is no established technology of breeding crayfish and shrimp.

“We’ve been in this business for eight years and believe that technology is imperfect. It just evolves. For example, there are a whole automatic production line, poultry, fish, for them the production of feed, medicine. The process is regulated “from” and “to”.

Here you need a large amount of manual labor. And employees much depends. Only when cleaning pools, if you treat the matter formally, in a week it is possible to destroy a large portion of the population. After all, did not always understand where the fry, and where the waste of his life, says Julia Chernova.

Does not always understand where the fry, and where the waste of his life. Photo: From the personal archive of Roman Lyamina

Ads for rabbits

On the farm, raising rabbits is absolutely sterile, like operating rooms. And the entrance is reminiscent of the checkpoint in a biochemical laboratory.

Before entering, you must wear a gown, as doctors, wash hands, treat yourself to a special disinfecting solution. And only then the tolerance allowed.

“This species of rabbit from France, the emphasis is on productivity, to the detriment of health. They quickly give birth, recovering from birth, feed offspring. But health is weak. They can die from the bite of a mosquito, from the development of mixamatosis. If they get sick, mortality is up to 100%. Of course, we are concerned with the prevention of this disease is by vaccination, treatment of premises”,- says Roman Pudyshev.

But in addition bacteria is dangerous for them any changes in the environment. Even changes in temperature within five degrees may affect them adversely. Therefore, throughout the years breeders strive to maintain a climate of 20 degrees of heat in the body. In addition, the rabbits around the clock, listen to music, radio, advertising. This is done to ensure that they are used to noise.

Before rabbit novel Pudyshev together with his wife worked for the company, which produces paint. In parallel, opened a booth for the sale of grain, engaged in the promotion of Turkey in Rostov. To gain experience, the novel traveled in Europe, studied, watched how technology cellular equipment.

Then he got lucky. The farm was put up for sale pig-breeding complex, which was closed because of the threat of African swine fever.

Young breeder took a chance and applied to the regional Ministry of agriculture. According to the program of support of beginning farmers, he received one million 750 thousand rubles for the purchase of the farm in Neklinovskiy district.

However, good luck on this end. All other achievements – the result of enormous labour and patience.

Just before moving to a new place, in 2014, the old building was flooded. It killed almost all the rabbits.

“I’m on the case had put his life, so he did not give up. On their own, all restored, and a new farm started from scratch,” recalls Roman Pudyshev.

The total number of livestock in the economy of the Novel now stands at 18 thousand rabbits. Cared for 16 employees.

Sales established, but the demand is very low, especially in the summer, fall, shares his problems, the farmer. In our region, as across the country, there is no tradition of consumption of rabbit meat.

“Since childhood, all fed chicken, pork, beef. So the rabbit we always go as a delicacy dish. Although the price is comparable to beef. And use more meat is a useful dietary vitamin omega-3”, – sums up the novel.

Expert opinion

Farmer Alexander Drobnohod:

“Colleagues who are engaged in exotic animal species, it may be advisable to unite and think about the problems of recycling.

For example, we have situated in Tselinskiy district, we have established a cooperation to combine efforts and work together to solve the problems of milk processing, so as to sell raw materials to other entrepreneurs is not profitable.

Price when selling to us fell from 24 to 17 rubles per liter. So I decided to rework and expand the range.”

The opinion of the authorities

The Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev:

“In 2017 on the development of the don agriculture and rural development allocated almost six billion rubles. State support, in our view, not just the transfer of money to farmers. We expect, as before, on an adequate return.

A record harvest of grain-growers of 2017 is one of those examples where the villagers work support at the end of the agricultural year. We should strive to develop their own processing, to improve the quality and range don products, to promote the brand “Made on the don”.

Sure, the Rostov region was, is and will be the breadbasket of Russia, its stronghold in ensuring food security. The protection of these borders is no less important than the protection of the state border”.
According to the materials: rostov.aif.ru

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