Perch fishing on a bright bait “Haughey hog”

In order to catch a perch, with anglers today use different kinds of bait. The most common is fishing the jig with a moth, next, what often catch perch is the bait without bait, and the third is vertical spinners. These three types of baits are the most common among perch and are often used for successful fishing.

If you previously capricious perch fishing nothing better could not come up with a reliable jig and the jigs, today a fantasy surprise. It’s Lucky John introduced a new and unique method of catching perch with the name “Haughey hog”. It is a kind of clay products of different extraordinary shape, having a taste for bait fish. Along with the bass on these lures can take pike-perch or pike, and paid places of fishing caught a nice big trout on them. In view of such bait look and resemble the shape of something like different insects and arthropods. They don’t look like anything in particular, but have tendrils, tentacles, claws and a tail that attracts fish and looks unusual. After the pressure of the water, these creatures are able to attract the attention of even inactive fish. Even in a particularly weak bite such a moving bait attracts predators both small and large in low nibble.

This rubber perch fishing is also considered to be edible, since 60% of it consists of flavoring ingredients that are made in the material during manufacturing. Also 30% bait contains an oil that when fishing eventually washed off, but the flavor notes are stored in the bait throughout the fishing. Lures are made larger for the court, trout and pike, as well as small to catch perch. In stores are also different shades of these extraordinary creatures and all there are ten. They are as aggressive in brighter colors and more dull. That is, it’s brown, muted purple and green shades.

When fishing used to attract predator first more vivid colors of the lures, and after engagement, move on to duller shades. And if you frequently use bright lures in a large concentration of fish, you should understand that in some cases it may behave ambiguously. That is, when the long bright fishing lure may be a lull, as the fish got used to them or was not as active as initially. Therefore, in this case, the bright colors can scare away fish, then you should switch to dim options, as often it livens up the fish and starts the initial bite.

With regard to the taste characteristics of this type of baits, they generally go with the taste of cancer and with the taste of shrimp. Onto the hook of the lure head, and a soft and sturdy basics are escorted to the abdomen. In this case, the hook is also better to take a large size because of the lure with a small will not be able to fully work. It needs to be moderately large. It is worth noting that such baits often catch more in the cold season and get a good catch.

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